Top 10 Stories of Most Sadistic Woman

Although you have often heard the case of the woman who kills her victims with sadistic, but still we all gasped as they arise other homicide cases involving female perpetrators. It was her nature, a woman described as gentle and loving man, therefore if there are women behave outside of the 'line' was, is regarded as an aberration.

Then how our opinion of Belle Sorenson Gunness, this women considered as the most sadistic in the world who is estimated to have killed 42 people. Incredible! Or Jane Toppan, who had mutilate her 31 victims or Countess Elizabeth Bathory who likes younger women blood bath for youth. All of these cases one thing is clear, these 10 women suffering from serious psychiatric disorders, they are psychopaths!

Here is a list of the most sadistic woman in the world:

1. Belle Sorenson Gunness - Victim: 42

Belle Sorensen Gunness
One Of the top 10 cruel woman in the world, Sorens Belle Gunness was at first warning. This woman is considered super sadist who kills her victims in order to satisfy her pleasure and greed. Belle is estimated to have killed 42 victims. Terrible, she kills the victims because of their greed to the property. Some historians say, Belle also had killed her two children with poison just to be able to claim the insurance money . The death of her children were reported as caused by the attack of colitis, but symptoms of this disorder is very similar to poisoning.

And if you want to be seen, Belle is not the women who live in povert. She was born in Norway, she moved to the United States, and married to a businessman in Chicago. Cunning brain, and the madness will make the money she burned her family's business, and insurance claims.

Does not stop there, she was also suspected to be behind the strange death of her husband, with the motivation of the insurance money.

Belle ensnare pretending to fall in love with a middle aged men, but when they are caught, the man would meet 'death' usually, through strange accidents. She married again and again with lonely men, they did not realize she was a cold-blooded killer. She can calmly with a smile on her victim. No wonder when this case revealed a lot of doubt whether Bella is really 'human' or incarnation of Satan on earth.

Then the world was surprised when a massive 42 skeleton has found buried near her home. From her victims Bella success raising her money for more than a quarter million dollars. Once, her body was found in a pathetic condition, her head severed with burned body. Who has treated her with sadistic? Is this because of revenge? About the gruesome discovery of the corpse is still controversial, is it true that she is Belle or other women. But who certainly since the strange case of the discovery of the corpse, Belle never appear again.

2. Jane Toppan - Victim: 31

Jane Toppan 

This case was horrible because it happened in the hospital. Nurses who 'cares' patients who are sick and weak. It is said that the nurse who was stout-bodied, have a problem of childhood trauma, so she turned into a cruel woman. Jane, as the name of this sadistic nurse has a crazy father, she grew up in an orphanage in Boston, and turned into a rough personal. Then she picked up as child by a foster parent.

Poor living with her adoptive parents make a mental disorder is getting worse. Interestingly, she successfully completed the school nurse, and began working as a nurse at the hospital. Apparently she was pleased with her new activity, and she earned the nickname "Jolly Jane". The nice thing for her is, not because she could care for the sick, but rather, performing sexual activities with the sick patients who have been given such a drug to her.

Jane behavior was almost like raping her patients who are not aware of sexual activity because of the influence of drugs. Terrible, after that, she was killing her victims.

Often, she went to the victim who was sleeping. Patients selected were weak and unable to resist her body. Jane in sex and brutality of this killing, finally revealed after she killed 11 patients in 1885. Apparently after being arrested even lust kill Jane did not stop. She claimed to have killed 31 people.

And she was proud of what she had done. Her name is recorded in history as one of the most murder of helpless victims in a condition such as pain --- men and women than anywhere in the world. In court, she was released because she suffered from mental disorder and she lives in Taunton Insane Asylum.

3.Countess Elizabeth Bathory - Multiple Victims (blood bath of victims to stay young)

Countess Elizabeth Bathory
Known as The Blood Countess. This is because the strange behavior of the hobby of killing young women then bathing with their blood in reason that can make her ageless. So after the killing, the blood of her victims she was accommodating in a scene, and then worn for bathing. She believes the blood of young women, to make her younger. Horror! Cold-blooded woman is really experiencing a severe mental disorder. Sometimes, she not only killed one victim in one occasion, but several at once. Once when her naked body was covered in blood (blood bath) and then she sent another victim who was still licking her whole body covered in blood. That's where she gets sexual sensations. Yes, apart from lust to kill, here also there is sexual appetite of women. Maybe this is the true story of the most gruesome horror in history. She was so fond of blood, as if the sight of blood arouses sex passion. She dubbed the female vampire in real life because she practiced in their daily life stories of blood-thirsty vampire. Rumors story of Bram Stoker's Dracula allegedly constituted with these horror stories. Terror is the case in the Kingdom of Hungary (now Slovakia).

How do predator Elisabeth got victim? That said, she sought her prey in the villages, mostly women and young beautiful women. To them she was promised a job in the palace. Those who are enamored with the easy confidence with the promise that royal lady, and followed her to the palace. Apparently they were in prison under the ground. They were slaughtered one by one Elisabeth who uses her blood to wash.

That said, her husband, Ferenc Nadasdy, allegedly knowing her wife's crime, even he was reportedly involved. He even gave out awards for her wife a castle used as a place of torture and murder of young women who poor.

4. Rosemary West -10 (maybe more)

Rosemary West
Her name is so famous, described as the most evil woman. The victim chosen at random in the streets, they are a young person who is so naive and believe that Rose will give them food, lodging and clothing. Really vain young girls who can tricked by Rose. Because once they take Rose, then the nightmare will be with their lives until the end of life.

Rose is a mother of eight children. She is a depraved slut very sadistic, even in sexual behavior even she really liked sex games combined with persecution. In fact, Rose is not alone in doing the killing, along with her second husband, she killed 10 people, including a daughter named Heather.

Rose is a product of sexual harassment and violence experienced during childhood. The Trauma is so deep making her life disrupted and eventually behave sadistically. The couple usually raped her victims before killing it first. And it was all done them in her house at 25 Croamwell Street. In those days many girls are reported missing young girl of indeterminate.

It was reported that they claim to have killed about 20 people around a young girl, could be more because Rose sometimes murder their own. So far, many cases of murder or disappearance of young girls in Gloucester, England, this could be an act of Rose and her partner.

5. Aileen Wuornos - Victim: 8

aileen Wuornos
Childhood marked by the terrible neglect and incest mislead young people Aileen Wuornos, thus turning them into killing machines. At age 13 she was sexually abused until finally pregnant. The boy was then given to another person for adoption. Age 15 years she was expelled from her grandfather's house. Since then there have appeared signs of mental disorder on the antisocial self Aileen.

She also conducted a series of crimes such as violation of law, a store with armed robbery, and she's desperate to marry 70-year old grandfather that she actually made the object of harassment. After that she met with a woman who was a lesbian prostitute. Then be paired with a prostitute she was a lesbian. Her lover named Tyria who worked as prostitutes to earn money for their life together. Originally Aileen also earn money by selling themselves on the road.

But the rough and harsh treatment she got during the first day of practice as a prostitute. The man was in fact raped her brutally. Aileen fight eventually kill her. This is the first victim. Apparently, when she claimed to enjoy killing. There is something that pleases her when killed. But first she confessed that she killed for defending themselves. Since then, she became addicted to killing. At least she had killed eight men, seven of which came from Florida.

The killings were generally performed on victims when she was hawking himself. Aileen case this was filmed in 2003 with the title "Monster" is a movie psychology of how a beautiful woman transformed into a gruesome killer. Before the execution, Aileen became angry, she attacked the media, lawyers are also people, who made her life to be like that.

6. Andrea Yates-Victim: 5

Andrea Yates

Sometimes, severe mental illness may play a role in serious crime. Personality disorders like narcissism is often present, but, there are many serious illnesses, like schizophrenia, which causes sufferers to hear strange noises and follow the instructions that she heard.

In the case of Andrea Yates who killed her five children by drowning them in the tub, is suffering from a mental illness that one. From all women in the list, she seems the most likely to be clinically insane.

Andrea Yates was not diagnosed as schizophrenic, but she suffered from serious mental illness. She suffered from severe postpartum disorders. Depression and suicide attempts. Moreover, consecutive then she in turn gave birth, which makes it worse. Her husband, a minister, Rusty, so want to have many children, no matter if her wife's condition. Until finally Andrea became uncontrollable and kill all of her children.Psychiatrist Andrea blamed her husband because she was the trigger of this tragedy happened.

Time of the incident, Rusty, do not know if Andrea was in serious condition. Usually she prepares a person to assist Andrea in care of her children, but this time it did not. She let Andrea alone with her children. In a situation of depression eminence, Andrea decided to end her child's life.

In a short time, Andrea had drowned her five children, after which she reported to 911 said that she had committed a crime. During an interview after the offense, she admitted, deliberately end the life of her children to avoid the sin. And it is best to kill them.

7. Beverly Allitt - Victims: 4

Beverly Allitt
Dubbed the "Angel of Death". This British-born serial killer. Beverly Allitt was a registered nurse who abuse their position to her desire to slaughter the children are innocent. Victims of the victims were injected potassium chloride or insulin, in order to cause a heart attack.

Like many serial killers, this woman committed murder quickly. In a short time, she attacked 13 children in the ward, and killed four of them. These attacks all occurred within a period of two weeks. Children who become victims aged between 5-7 years, the age at which they can not do much to save her life.

When this case came to light, a psychiatrist concluded she suffered from a mental health disorder known as bizarre Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, which causes her to hurt and kill children in order to get attention from others.

For her actions, she received a life sentence, but placed in the Mental Hospital with maximum Security. At the hospital it is also inhabited by the patients criminal patients who suffer serious mental illness. Families of patients who killed have threatened to kill her if she is free.

8. Karla Homolka-Victim: 3

Karla Homolka
Another crazy woman is Karla Homolka, Canadian. This blond woman known as very like massacring fellow women, including younger women. Karla case is described as one of the most horrific cases of serial murder committed by a woman. To the women victims, she did not immediately killed, but before she drugged them, then raped and massacred.

One of them is her own sister who died after being drugged Karla. When caught, Karla intend to lighten her sentence by way of an offer to the authorities that she will give all the information in the case, but with a requirement to get leniency. Told police she declared, her husband, Paul, was involved in the crime.

But her husband objected, she said, Karla himself was the one who did all the killings. Karla admitted she did it all because it is pressed her husband, who threatened to do it or die. And she had no choice but to take part in the 'game' husband.

Many people who angry and disgusted with himself that defense. This case has been interesting debate around issues of psychology and motivation of the perpetrator was.Then it was revealed that psychiatric disorders are depressed because of her marital life, where she felt her husband wasted.

Interestingly, Karla, cold-blooded killer, while in jail following the class lecture away, and managed to graduate as an undergraduate.

9. Susan Smith - Victim: 2

Susan Smith
Susan looks severe mental disorders after the death of her two young-old, Michael and Alex. But the trigger was a mental disorder in a controlled manner is her lover, Tom, whom she loved who decide their relationship for granted. Susan is frustrated, then driving a car and took two small children to the edge of the lake in South Carolina.

Then she came out of the car is on top, then set her car without brakes in a position so they can walk on her own. Two of the little boy inside. After releasing the brake, the car is running slowly, she just watched from the outside. Then the car with two children who were sleeping in the back seat, jumped into the lake.

After that, like the scene is set up, she pretended to be hysterically and report to the police about the incident. She told police there are evil people who do that. But all this lies finally revealed by police.

Susan suffered a mental disorder after trauma experienced in childhood Dui where she suffered sexual abuse and incest. Perhaps the trauma is so strong sticking which changed her personality, she became very narcissistic and often claimed to have had illusions and nightmares.

She admitted sexually abused by her stepfather when I was young, but her mother did not defend her. The attitude of her mother made her hurt, and save big anger in her. When she was growing up, she was also concerned with the sex, and desire to get love and life on easy street. These are all classic signs of narcissistic personality disorder.

She was sentenced to 30 years in prison. She was involved in sex with two prison guards, one of which has been 'rewarded' sexual transmitted diseases.

10.Diane-Victims: 1

Diane Downs
Diane Downs, has memories of a romantic relationship during her children with Lew.But when they grow up, Lew said that the love story of childhood memories, it is not a priority in its future. Diane was devastated Lew will notice a very painful for her. She was desperate and making plans to kill her children.

Her children from previous marriages, Christie, Cheryl and Danny, will massacare with her own hands. In a creepy night, she drove the car with her three children, then parked her car on a deserted road, and then kill her second child, Cheryl (7) in cold blood. Christie (8) eldest son, and Danny (3) her youngest son, was also slain. They were rewarded with hot lead by their mother's dark eyes. Luckily, the three children, two survived, only Cheryl who died horribly, while Christie and Danny escape from death, although both had severe injuries. Danny, the youngest, was paralyzed from the legs down because her mother shot her at close range right on vital points, while Christie suffered a serious injury, and paralyzed on one side of her body and suffered from speech difficulties due to severe shock.

But Christie is little incredible. When she was brought to court as witnesses her mother's case, she boldly describes the incident to the judge. The courage of this young girl in seeking justice for her and her sister are dead, really touching. How small Christie in her childhood forced to testify against her mother's sadistic. Everyone was weeping bitterly over this kid miserable experience.

But her mother, Diane Downs with stout instead pleaded not guilty for what happened to their children. Former postman in the State of Oregon, is now long past the day of days in prison. She fills a boring day today with a letter write to each other with a fellow prisoner such as rapists, murderers, including serial killer Randall Woodfield. Want to know the contents of her letter, around issues of sexual desire, that it 'dirty' and the sinister