The 15 Giant Companies Which Cause Most Death

15. Chevron
Several major oil companies make this list, but Chevron deserves a special place in hell. Between 1972 and 1993, Chevron (then Texaco) poison the 18 billion gallons of water in the Ecuadorian rain forest without any repairs, destroying the livelihoods of local farmers and make a lot of indigenous people suffer from disease.

Chevron also has done a lot of pollution in the United States: In 1998, Richmond, Calif. Chevron sued for the illegal actions through the treatment of waste water and pollute local water supplies, as well as in New Hampshire in 2003.


Chevron is responsible for the deaths of several people who protested pollution Nigeria conducted by the company, while exploiting oil in the Niger Delta. Chevron to pay the local militia, known for its violations of human rights, to muffle the protests, and even supply them with helicopters and boat. Troops payment is then opened fire on the protesters, then burned their village to the ground.

14. DeBeers

Diamonds are women's best friend - unless he lived in Cot. Blood-diamond" or "conflict" is the name given to minerals purchased from the insurgency in war-torn country.

Before 2000 when the UN finally took a stand against this practice, DeBeers deliberately fund and violent guerrilla movement in Angola, Sierra Nevada, and the Congo by buying a diamond in the country is in chaos.

In Botswana, DeBeers has been blamed for the "clean up" the land to be mined - including forced displacement of indigenous peoples who have lived there for thousands of years.

Local Government (since bribed De Beers), allegedly cut off the tribe's water supply, threatening, torturing and even hang locals who refused to evacuate.

13. Tyson


Even if you do not care about the abuse of animals is horrendous that have been documented in factory farming's Tyson, you must be fearless in action horrific and a violation of environmental Tyson and infringement on its workers, and the fact that on several occasions, Tyson has enabled beef contaminated with e coli remain included in the food supply.

A recent study showed Tyson chicken is the most salmonella-and-campylobacto filled poultry from all major suppliers.

As if that was not dirty enough, Tyson has been sued repeatedly for illegally disposing of waste that is not neutralized into Tulsa's water supply, after they sued the first time, they just pay the fine and continue to practice it. Tyson has made people sick with ammonia from the farm.Tyson factory famous for intentionally hiring illegal immigrants and even been accused of involvement in human trafficking to supply cheap labor.

12. Smith and Wesson

Smith And Wesson

As the largest manufacturer of gun (and sub machine guns) in the United States, Smith and Wesson indirectly responsible for the deaths of countless shots - not only by police and government agencies are issued weapons, but by criminals and by "accident."

In a study of ten guns involved in crimes in the United States, the first sequence is the Smith & Wesson .38 Special.Nomer 6 and 7 are also weapons of Smith and Wessons.

Statistically, studies have shown that the arms of these companies are used more frequently in crime rather than defend themselves.
"Of course," The gun does not kill people, people kill people .. "And more often, they use guns Smith and Wesson to do so.

11. Phillip Morris

Phillip Morris

Phillip Morris is the largest cigarette manufacturer in the U.S., cigarettes are known to cause cancer in smokers, as well as birth defects in children not yet born when the mother smoked during pregnancy.

Cigarette smoke contains 43 known carcinogens and more than 4,000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, ammonia and arsenic.

Nicotine, the main psychoactive chemical in tobacco, has proven to be psychologically addictive. Smoking increases blood pressure, affects the central nervous system, and constrict blood vessels. Discarded cigarette butts are the main pollutants as regular smokers throw their filters on the ground. Many of these filters is mixed with fresh water and sea water, where chemicals mixed cigarette into the water.

10. Halliburton


Every company that has Dick Cheney as CEO must be evil.

Haliburton, the giant company "Oilfield services", reap huge profits when the U.S. invasion of Iraq when Cheney called his men to extinguish burning oil wells - and to "assist" the oil ministry to pump and distribute Iraqi oil.

Haliburton has also been involved in oil spill countless, including BP disaster in 2010.

9. Coca Cola
Coca Cola

America's favorite soft drink?, Deadly?
Well, even if you choose to ignore the epidemic of obesity of children and how to market soft drinks to children to allow children to buy something really bad for them, Coca Cola has forged destruction in India, where the factories which use up to one million liters of water per day, leaving tens of thousands of local residents in a drought, so there is no water to farm even for bathing and drinking as much ground water has shrunk to a few meters so that the wells dry up.

Then the plant is not properly dispose of waste, contaminate any water remaining. A lawsuit in 2001 because of Coca-Cola hired paramilitary in Colombia who suppress union workers at the cola factory there through intimidation, torture and murder.

8. Pfizer


Big Pharma would be richer when you are sick. Pfizer, the largest U.S. pharmaceutical company, pleaded guilty in 2009 with the largest health care fraud in U.S. history, received the largest illegal criminal penalty ever for its marketing of four drugs. This is the fourth case Pfizer. though the use Pfizer on animals is not enough heart-wrenching trial, Pfizer decided to use children as guinea pigs Nigeria.

In 1996, Pfizer went to Kano, Nigeria to try an experimental meningitis antibiotics in third-world diseases such as measles, cholera, and bacteria. They gave trovafloxacin for approximately 200 children. Dozens of them died in the experiment, while others suffer much physical and mental disabilities. According to the EPA, Pfizer also can proudly claim to be the top ten companies in America that caused the worst air pollution.

7. Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil

Other oil companies on the list, ExxonMobil is perhaps best known for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill that resulted in 11 million gallons of oil polluting Prince William Sound.But they also have been responsible for a large oil spill in Brooklyn and became the cause of the decline in population of critically endangered gray whales Russia because drilling in its habitat. Political Economy Research Institute ExxonMobil was ranked sixth among the company's most polluted air in the United States. Counter ExxonMobil did not respond to this with the action, but with the funding of scientific studies that refute global warming.

Exxon Mobil 2

ExxonMobil has been sued by human rights activists in 2001 on allegations that Exxon hired Indonesian military of raping, torturing and killing security guard at their factory in Aceh.

6. Caterpillar Company

Caterpillar Company

Caterpillar sell all kinds of tractors, trucks and engines - including a lot of vehicles, ships and submarines that are used by the military AS.Caterpillar also supplies the Israeli army used bulldozers to destroy Palestinian homes - sometimes there are those who are in in the house.

In 2003 a Caterpillar bulldozer drove and killed Rachel Corrie, an American teenage girl who protested in Gaza who was standing in front of the tractor to prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes.

5. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey

Ringling Brothers And Barnum And Bailey

"The most violent event in the Earth" is famous for its abuse of wild animals.
In July 2004, Clyde, a young lion who is traveling with Ringling, died in a poorly ventilated car at the circus across the Mojave Desert in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. circus elephants are routinely locked up for days at a time and beaten with bullhooks and prods that have a stun, and when the elephants are fed, the elephant started to attack.

In one famous case in 1994, an elephant named Tyke killed the coach and injured 12 spectators before being shot dead in the streets of Honolulu. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus also has a number of employees who die because of fire under a big top circus tent in 1944 that also killed a hundred spectators - because the canvas was not illegally fire resistant



Big Agra create a list with Monsanto, genetically modified food pushers, beef growth hormones, and toxins.

Monsanto list of crimes, including creating a seed "terminator" that created the plant that never bear fruit or flower, so farmers have to buy them a new year, lobby to have a "hormone-free" label is removed from the labels of milk and infant milk substitutes (the bovine growth hormone is believed to become cancer-accelerator) as well as various violations of environmental and human health associated with the use of poison Monsanto - the ultimate "Agent Orange."

Between 1965 and 1972, Monsanto has abandoned thousands of tons of highly toxic waste in UK landfills. According to the Environment Agency of chemicals that contaminate groundwater and the air they did have an impact during the next 30 years
Alabama sued Monsanto for 40 years of dumping mercury and PCBs into the local creek.

Plus, Monsanto is known for approaching the farmers that they claim to help, but they sue and imprison farmers for saving seed from one season to plant the next crop.

3. Nestle


Contrary to the picture a sweet logo, Nestle crime against man and nature, including massive deforestation in Kalimantan - endangered orangutan habitat - to plant oil palms, and buying milk from farms illegally in Zimbabwe.Nestle create fire for the environment because the ridiculous claim that bottle of water from nestle is "environmentally friendly" but that's not true.

Nestle makes the world interested in the effort to urge a boycott of mothers in third world countries to use infant formula milk substitute instead of using breast milk, without warning them of the negative effects that may arise.

Supposedly, Nestle employs women who are dressed as nurses to hand out free infant formula, which is often mixed with contaminated water, or when children are hungry and when their mother no longer able to breastfeed because their milk is dry from disuse.

Nestle, of course, denies contributing to the death of thousands of babies.

2. British Petroleum

British Petroleum

Who can forget 2010's oil rig explosion in the Gulf Coast that killed 11 workers and thousands of birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other animals, effectively destroying fisheries and tourism industry in this region?

BP is not the first crime against nature. In fact, between January 1997 and March 1998, BP is responsible for 104 cases of oil spills. Thirteen workers were killed in 1965 will rig during a blast, 15 in the explosion of 2005. Also in 2005, a ferry carrying BP oil workers crashed, killing 16 people.

In 1991, the EPA set a BP as the most polluting companies in the United States. In 1999, BP charged with illegal disposal of toxic limabh in Alaska, then in 2010 because of air leakage in a very dangerous poison the air in Texas.

In July 2006, Colombian farmers won a settlement from BP after they accused the company take advantage of the regime that nerkuasa of terror carried out by Colombian government paramilitaries to protect the pipe when Ocensa.

1. DynCorp

Military companies to be privatized are often hired by the U.S. government to protect American interests abroad - and so the government can claim no responsibility for the actions of DynCorp's.

DynCorp known for its brutality in poor countries, for child sex slave trade, to slaughter civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for training rebels in Haiti.

Among some stiff competition, a rental company DynCorp perhaps the deadliest and most evil in the United States.