52 The uniqueness in the World of Rare We Meet

1. A girl can find out who her future husband by going to the tomb of St. Valentine was in the middle of the night before the celebrations. He then had to sing a song that has been determined and ran around the church as much as 12 times


2. City of Verona in Italy, home to Romeo and Juliet, two lovers in Shakespeare's story, each year receives around 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet on Valentine's day.

3. More than 60 million chocolate rabbits and 36 million boxes of chocolate sold for Valentine's Day.

4. Cecil De Vere was the first chess champion who holds a British official at the age of 21 years in 1866. For more than a century it still remains the youngest chess champion title holders. His name is actually a Valentine Brown because he was born on Valentine's Day. -->

5. Film star Rudolph Valentino often written his name in film credits as Rudolph Valentine. For the first role in a movie Alimony (1917), he paid U.S. $ 5.00 per day during filming.

6. The oldest form of horse that still survive today is the Przewalski horse, or Mongolian wild horse. The horse was discovered by Nikolai Przhevalsky in the Gobi Desert in 1881, a Russian general who conducted an expedition to Mongolia.

7. King of Spain made an investment of U.S. $ 6,000 in the first expedition of Columbus.Within a century, U.S. investment has grown to $ 1,750,000 in gold.

8. In 1832, Scottish surgeon Neil Arnott design a water bed as a way to improve patient comfort.

9. Jules Rimet Cup for the rescue of the Nazi German government, Dr. Ottorino Barassi, FIFA Vice-President of Italy, smuggled from a bank in Rome and hid it under his bed during the war before the FIFA World Cup 1950.

10. Thomas Paine designed the first long bridge, which crossed the river with no support poles in the middle.

11. Because of the quick circulation of the Earth around the sun, solar eclipse could not have lasted more than 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

12. Only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood while male mosquitoes only suck the nectar of flowers.

13. National anthem of Greece has 158 verses.

14. One day Margaret Herrick, librarian for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said that the Academy Award statue is very similar to his uncle named Oscar. Since then, people continue to refer to it as an Oscar trophy.

15. Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.

16. The sun is kind of a small star.

17. The fan in the ceiling using the same amount of electric power with 60 watts of light. That means the electricity used by about 98% less than most air conditioning.

18. Every time Napoleon Bonaparte was wearing a black handkerchief on his neck in a battle, he always wins. At Waterloo, he wore a white tie, and lose.

19. Babies are born with 300 pieces of bone, but in adulthood we have only 206 bones in our bodies.

20. Women blink nearly twice as much than in males.

21. When officials in a city looking for champagne in 1927 to greet Charles Lindbergh who had just returned from the historic flight across the Atlantic, they can not buy it, except for medicine or religious needs. As a result the police officers busy earning a certificate from a church, then come back to buy the champagne.

22. In 1995 every American uses an average of 331.58 kg of paper. This amount doubled from the 1980's. The use of computers did not replace the use of paper, even increase it.

23. National headquarters to Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells contained, Texas. Here more than 150 bats from around the world get shelter.

24. In Antarctica there are 42 research stations throughout the year. In summer there are 4000 people living in this continent, while in winter there are only 1,000 people.

25. U.S. President Grover Cleveland did not take a formal education. He is the only U.S. president who served two consecutive no.

26. Bat World Sanctuary is inhabited by bats that can not be released into the wild, including one that was used to study, loss of parent, permanent disability, the animals were seized from sellers who are not legitimate, or too old to be put in zoos.

27. Chocolate bars used to be made from the bitter-sweet chocolate. Milk chocolate was introduced in 1875 by Henri Nestlé, maker of condensed milk and Daniel Peter, chocolate makers. Together they create a milk chocolate that is now favored by 80% of world population.

28. When the type of people use the left hand about 56% compared with the right hand.

29. Posts YKK on your zipper stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki largest zipper manufacturing company in the world.

30. Bamboo is actually the largest member of the grass family.

31. Robert Browning uses Chianti, a type of red wine to help heal his wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, from addiction to Laudanum.

32. Males foraging in trees taller than females, so that unnecessary competition between the two different types.

33. Benjamin Franklin was proud because he became the first owner of the tub all over America.

34. In the United States, the Democrats are more likely to keep cats than the Republicans.

35. Paul Newman refused to participate in training programs the United States Navy aviator during World War II, because he is color blind.

36. Romania national football team in the World Football Championship 1930 was chosen by the king himself. King Carol II of crazy ball also asked the employers of each player to give three months leave with full salary.

37. Mother of President Harry S. Truman was a Confederate sympathizer, and therefore he refused to sleep in the Lincoln when he visited the White House.

38. In 1991, Laura Dern and her mother, Diane Ladd received Oscar nominations for their roles in the movie Rambling Rose - Dern as Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress his mother. This is the first time in Oscar history, the pair of mother and child received a nomination for the same film.

39. Legendary comedian and actor Bob Hope host 16 times either alone or together with other people in the bestowal Academy Award. He also holds the record 27 times to participate in similar events.

40. Marilyn Monroe when I have to admit having difficulty adjusting to the new name of its former name, Norma Jean Baker. When creating the first signature, he should slowly, because he was not quite sure how to spell the name Marilyn - where he must put the letter 'i', and where 'y'.

41. The spirit of anti-royalist cause of the colonists in America trying to change the names of chess pieces to the Governor, General, Colonel, Major, Captain, and Pioneer.

42. According to his novel, Robinson Crusoe lived for 28 years stranded on the island.

43. Muskellunge, the official state fish of Wisconsin, United States, is a staunch fighter fish and its weight can reach about 32 kg.

44. U.S. President Zachary Taylor had never come the general election, not a member of a political party, was never interested in politics, until he ran for president at the age of 62 years. While living in the White House, he let the military horses roam and eat grass in the courtyard.

45. More than 90% among lion hunts conducted by the female. While the males are reluctant to take risks to life, or prefer to rest.

46. Snails produce a colorless sticky liquid that serves as a protective layer to their crawling. This fluid is so effective, so the snail can crawl on the edge of a razor without cuts.

47. President Richard M. Nixon put a music box in his office desk that when opened will play the song Hail to the Chief. This song is always played when the President of the United States entered the room.

48. In Guthrie, Oklahoma, there is the National Lighter Museum. Here, collected 20,000 types of objects that represent the 85 000-year history of cigarette lighters in human life.This is the only museum in the world to collect and preserve the history of the evolution of lighter and lighter.

49. Roulette was created by the great French philosopher and mathematician, Blaise Pascal. Roulette is a byproduct of his experiments on perpetual motion.

50. Adolf Anderssen was the strongest chess player in the world between 1859-1866.When she died, obituary reached 19 pages.

51. Brain shrimp are very small and located in the head.

52. IBM PC 5150 is a computer that became the main base of the whole computer in the world. (Not including Macintosh, Solaris).

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