Super Genius 2 Years Old Kid : Elise Tan Robert

Elise Tan Robert, Two-year-old boy was gifted with extraordinary intelligence. From the results of intelligence tests the cute boy from North London, England, obtained the number 156 or super genius category.

In the international standard IQ tests, test results Elise was far above the 140 that had been used as a benchmark one enters the group of genius, that makes Elise as the youngest member of Menza, an international organization for human communities IQ above 130, or a superior group.

Elise Tan Robert

Signs of intelligence Elise did look from day-to-day behavior. British journalist, dailymail , who visited the residence of the Elise family last weekend, made shock-absorbers when the boy greeted him with intelligent questions. -->
br /> At that time he shows a form built by using the index finger and thumb held together. "Form what's this?''He said. Before the reporter could respond, Elise replied quickly." It's an equilateral triangle ,''he said.

According to Louise, 28, Elise’s mother, Now Elise is at age of two years, four months, and two weeks. As the youngest member, Menza IQ Elise record 0.2 percent higher than the smartest kid in the world.

Elise Tan Robert

Louise told, since the Elise was born shows several advantages. Not even five months old, Elise was able to call her father as "Dada". "He was able to walk three months later (at age 8 months) and ran the next two months," said Louise.

Before the first anniversary celebration, he was able to understand his writings. Then, when he was 16 months, Elise was able to count to 10. Elise re-create her mother was taken aback. "What is the name of the capital of Russia?''Louise idly asked Elise." Moscow, "said Elise like without thinking. Then the mother asked again," Indonesia? "" Jakarta, "she said aloud.

Elise Tan Robert

The answers are not uncommon for children his age had led to speculation of a number of parties is whether the ability of the results of rigorous training of parents who are ambitious and want to show remarkable ability of her daughter.

Louise and her husband, Edward, had denied that allegation. They even claim to continue to be surprised by the behavior and intelligence of his daughter. Louise said, he began to notice the tendency of children who look and glared an object or person. "Then he looked sweaty, like getting a new information," he said.