Top 5 world's deadliest weapon

Maybe as long as there is desire to master, killer weapons will always be made by humans. No one man created enough of a weapon or tool killer, and the gravity of the longer, the weapons that created the more powerful, effective, efficient, and certainly the more deadly.

Okay, here are a number of deadly weapons and the most lethal ever made by man:

1. Napalm Bom
The bomb of this type is already using that by the Allied Forces in 1944 when Nazi troops used to suppress the Germans who have been very driven. The bomb is different from the kind of conventional bombs, where the destruction was terrible, like a like a watered by the lake of fire which is extremely powerful. The bomb is also used in the Vietnam War to destroy and burn the settlement Vietcong guerrillas hiding behind thick woods vietnam. Used in Vietnam is different from actually used in World War II, where the fuel is much longer (up to 10 minutes!) So the damage is much horrible. And temperature created by the combustion of up to 1200 degrees celcius ! It was horrible.

Composed of elements from low-octane gasoline, benzene and polystyrene, a bomb of this type so much more dangerous when can make very easily so that ordinary people can make it! That's why this weapon would be very dangerous if fallen into the hands of people who are not responsible.

Napalm Bomb

2. Mine
At first glance this explosive trap tool is just a tool that only trap exploded and killed several people in one burst. But make no mistake, mine is one of the most feared problems, both during the war and after the war. If during the war, can be tolerated this kind of thing is very dangerous, but this thing is far more dangerous when the war has ended. We can imagine a lot of these objects are embedded and (severity) was never known for certain where exactly the objects are deadly. Cambodia and Vietnam are several countries that have worked hard to clear millions of land mines after the war they experienced. To be sure, millions of civilians have become casualties, both deaths and disability due to landmine victims. -->

3.AK-47 Assault Rifle
Soviet-made weapons design Mikhail Kalashnikov assault rifle is one of the most successful ever created on this earth. Imagine, almost in every country on earth armed forces using the replica rifle from assault rifles Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) owned by Germany during World War II. Besides stubborn in their use, these weapons are also easy to operate and easy to manufacture its own. So no doubt, this weapon most outstanding instead of the original Russian-made, but mostly made in licenses or pirated, and the number is expected almost hundreds of millions of shoots!

You can imagine how the popularity of this weapon, even became an icon for the rebels. That can not be imagined are already hundreds of millions of lives lost due to the shape of the weapon is unique enough, it's because the extent of use by various parties, ranging from the army, police, until the rebels and the mafia!


4.Tsar Bomba
Maybe you already know the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Little Boy and Fat Man, capable of flattening the two cities. However, there is one more very deadly weapon yield 10 times more powerful than the bomb that when put together.

That is the Tsar Bomba, the hydrogen bomb's creation of the Soviet Union Ivan coded RDS-220. This big bomb tested on October 30, 1961 from a Tu-95 bombers in the area of ​​remote Novaya Zemlya archipelago, and the explosive power generated by this big bomb was 50 megatons!

Because of the enormity of these bombs produce a fireball with a diameter of 8000 meters, forming a mushroom cloud with a diameter of 64 km generated shock wave reached the figure of 5.6 on the Richter scale! However, luckily the bomb was never entered the ranks of the Soviet Union's arsenal because it is too large and considered very dangerous for the aircraft that brought them.


5. Thypoon Submarine
Here it is Russia's arsenal of the most feared by the U.S. and its allies, namely the typhoon submarine. Considered the largest submarines ever built in the world, Thypoon’s body truly remarkable and frightening weight and large. Built in the 80s, this submarine has a weight of about 26,000 tons, with a length reaches 175 meters and 23 meters wide. Besides a large, its’s silent when moving is awesome, plus added this submarine intercontinental missile carrying a nuclear-headed. No wonder the U.S. and its allies are very frightened by this type of submarine. It can browse under the sea for a long time because it is powered by nuclear.

Perhaps submarines that could rival the US-owned Thypoon is Ohio-class nuclear submarine, which has a length of 170 meters and equally bring nuclear! So ... you can imagine how horrible it when the cold war actually broke out!

Thypoon Submarine