Top 10 Most Popular Alcohol Drinks In The World

Alcoholic Beverages already made and consume since a long time ago. Most of them are the result of fermentation of various fruits or tapped from certain trees. In the beginning it was for religious ceremonies, to ward off the cold during winter. Here some well known alcohol beverages in the world:

1. Beer

Represents all alcoholic beverages produced by fermentation process starchy material and not through a process of distillation after fermentation. Because the materials used to make beer differ from one place and another, then the beer characteristics such as flavor and color are also very different both in types and classification. One of the oldest man-made beverages since around 5000 BC was recorded in history of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Although in general the beer is an alcoholic drink, there are several variations of the Western world in its processing waste almost the entire content of alcohol, making what is called a beer without alcohol.

  2. Rum & Coke

Rum is an alcoholic beverage fermented and distilled from molasses or sugarcane juice which is a byproduct of sugar industry. Rum distilled in the form of clear-colored liquid, and is usually saved for the experience of maturation in the barrel made of oak or other wood species. Largest rum producer in the world are in the Caribbean and in countries along the Demerara River in Guyana, South America. In addition, the rum factory is in other countries in the world such as Australia, India, Reunion Island. White Rum is commonly used as a cocktail mixer. Dark golden brown rum used for cooking, baking, and also mixing cocktails. Only high quality rums are usually drunk without a mixer or plus plain ice cubes.


3. Vodka & Orange 

Mix vodka and orange juice, vodka itself is one alcoholic drink with a fairly high level alcohol percentage, which is about 40%, which is made from fermented grain refined 

4. Tequila


It is distilled beverages (distillation) is made from agave plants. Named after the tequila because it is the tequila-producing region, which lies 65 kilometers northwest of Guadalajara, Mexico. usually served with salt and lime. 

5. Margarita


The most common tequila-based cocktails, made with tequila mixed with triple sec and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the rims. 

6. White Russian

White russian

Is a type of cocktail with a sweet taste that has a composition of vodka, coffee liquer (usually Kahlua or Tia Maria), and also cream. 

7. S*x on the Beach

Sex On The Beach

 It is a whiskey cocktail with the composition of vodka, peaches, orange juice and cranberry juice. 

8. Wine.


Man has been making these drinks since 5000 years ago. Its composition is a fermented wine that has the alcohol content of between 8% - 15%. The marketing area almost covering the entire world, while the most famous wine production such as France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Argentina, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, and Chile. 

9. Jager 


Its composition consists of alcohol, sugar cane, sugar beet, herbs and spices. In contrast to the composition, the beverages is said to have a sweet taste. Beverages marketing areas except in Germany are also marketed in Denmark, Hungary, and Czech Republic. 

10. Absinthe 


Is the result of fermentation of the plant that is named Artemisia absinthium, the alcohol content of 74% till it is said, the marketing and sale of these drinks on average in European countries, ranging Francis, Czech Republic, Switzerland to Spain.