List of 10 Most Famous Lost City of the World

A city will be lost when the city abandoned by its inhabitants and left abandoned, leaving many civilizations that then just disappear. This can happen because of war, natural disasters, and many other causes. But along with the times, the legend of the lost city began to come back to the surface. Many experts found the ruins, the ruins of the former city. so then at first appeared many legends of the lost city. -->

Apart from the myth a reality, here I'll show 10 cities lost the most famous, is still in this world there are many cities actually lost, but according to my 10 list that I lay out the lost city is the most famous and suck a lot of public attention.

Here is a list of 10 most famous lost city:

10. Atlantis 
Plato described Atlantis as an advanced civilization and a formidable sea power, Atlantis is said to have conquered most of Europe before sinking into the sea. According to the traditional myth, the city was submerged kerana wrath of the gods for the conduct of the residents of this city, but according to scientific research, this city may be drowned because of geological phenomena.


9. The City of Caesars 
Also known as the City of Wandering and the City of Patagonia, The City of Caesars is believed to be a myth town situated at the southern tip of South America. This city has never been found, and at present is considered a legend.

The City Of Caesars

8. Troy 
Troy is a legendary city located in modern Turkey. Troy has long been regarded by many as a myth used to, until finally excavated in the 1870s. And then found many ruins of collapsed buildings is seen as modern architecture at its age.


7. The Lost City of Z 
The lost city of Z is a lost civilization that lies deep in the forest interior of Brazil (Amazon forest). This lost city said to be a advanced civilization with sophisticated network of bridges, roads, and temples. This is evidenced by the relics found in many advanced tools in the amazon jungle.

The Lost City Of Z

6. Petra 
Petra is considered the most beautiful city of all cities on this list, Petra is located in Jordon. The most prominent characteristic was the beautiful architecture of stone, carved from the rock surrounding mountains which started exploration since the 18th century, until now, the beauty of stone architecture petra still you can enjoy when you vacation in Jordan.


5. El Dorado 
This is the city lost the most sought after, because the city was known as a city of gold. It is estimated that there are a lot of gold in this city. El Dorado is a mythical kingdom is said to be found in the forests of South America. The city is said to be led by a strong king and with the infinite riches of gold.

El Dorado

4. Memphis 
Founded in 3100 BC, Memphis is the capital of ancient Egypt, and became the administrative center of civilization for hundreds of years before being abandoned by its inhabitants along with the rise of Thebes and Alexandria. In the former area of ​​the city, many found the ruins of the ancient Egyptian buildings.


3. Angkor
Area surrounding Angkor in Cambodia and is known as one of the industrial centers in Asia and even the world, and one of the most famous legacy is the temple of Angkor Wat which is generally regarded as a religious monument.


2. Pompeii
Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed in AD 79 after the nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the entire community under 60 feet of ash and rock. The city is estimated to have about 20,000 inhabitants at the time, and it is regarded as one of the main holiday destination for the upscale community of Rome.


1. Machu Pichu 
The city is located near the Urubamba Valley in Peru, the city was never found and plundered by the conquistadors, Machu Pichu save a lot of relics of ancient ruins which are often referred to as the temple machu Pichu. Very beautiful architecture of the temple machu Pichu proves how high the civilization machu Pichu during its heyday.

Machu Pichu