10 Most Legendary Love Story Worldwide

1. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, who is at 16th century. This tragedy tells of a pair of young brides who are in love but is hampered by both their families ended in the death of the second pair of lovers who loved each other. This story perhaps the most famous love story in the world until now.

2. Peter Abelard and Heloise

Peter Abelard and Heloise, at 12th century, France. Theologian and professor Abelard was 17 years old and is a teacher from Heloise. They secretly married, but my uncle and told him neutered heloise know. but it was too late and they already have kids. Separated by their families and church, he entered the monastery, he became a monk, and their love letters are still there. They were buried together in Paris.

3. Shah Jahan and Begum Arjumand bann

Shah Jahan and Begum Arjumand bann, ke17 century, India.because of sadness due to his beloved wife dies at age 39 when their 14th child, he was assigned his subordinates to build the taj mahal for his wife can always dikenangnya. His son then imprison him and he spent the rest of his life staring out the window of his room at the Taj, as he missed Arjumand.

4. Kermit and Miss Piggy

Kermit and Miss Piggy, ke20 century, American. miss piggy is the center of attention all the creatures in street.Miss sesame kermit piggy love with the same weight that very contradiction at her small, weak and very humble . Unfortunately Miss Piggy often do not realize due to the realization of her love affection that she even torture kermit.

5. Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 19th Century, England. Elizabeth Barrett is a poet in the era of the Romantic Movement, he was born in 1806 at Coxhoe Hall, Durham, England. And Barrett Browning, which is six years older than Browning, exchanging letters until you reach number 574 pieces of mail for 20 months. The love story of their bitter because they do not get the blessing of the father Barrrett. Elain not get the blessing of parents, meraka also tested with the state of Barrett who suffer acute lung disorders. To reduce the pain he suffered, he had to consume morphine throughout his life. In 1846, they decided to get married and settled in Florence, Italy where Barrett health improved and she gave birth to a son, Robert Wideman Browning (Pen). His father never spoke to her again since then. The work of Barrett's "Sonnets from the portuguesse", he dedicated to her husband and written in secret before she married and was published in 1850, is a work which could match with shakespeare's work.

6. Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde, 12th Century, British, French, German. This story tells the ins and outs love triangle between Tristan-Isolde-King Marke. The story is lifted from the Medieval era turned out to be a legend, written ama man named Thomas in 1165. story about a knight who let her true love for the king has been told in many forms. Although they are distinct, they remain loyal and love to one another, and reunited in death.

7. Rhett Butler and Scarlett Ohara

Work of Margaret Mitchell's classic story is one of the most romantic stories of all time. The love story between Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara is so touching, timeless, and remain embedded in the hearts of every lover. The story is so complicated about a love triangle between Rhett, Scarlet and ashle

8. Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella and Prince Charming, 17th Century, French. Based on the legend of Eastern Europe, the archetype of romantic love is to send a message to women that if you keep your eyes open, someday your prince will come.

9. Dante Alighieri and Beatrice

Dante's famous as a poet of the Italian Renaissance era. He was born to a wealthy family, and life as an officer, politician, philosopher, poet, businessman and a distinguished ideal lover.

Dante finds new love of his life when he was 9 years, and his girl, Beatrice, was only 8 years . Dante’s love to Beatrice is love at first sight. Nevertheless, he and Beatrice then split up for 9 years, and even Beatrice eventually mating with another man at a young age, and Dante also mate with anyone else at a young age.

That’s all is not a problem for Dante. Dante even give names to their daughter Beatrice. When Beatrice, a woman who admired died, Dante was devastated and decided to stop writing.

But Beatrice later appeared in his dream. In the dream, Beatrice said that true love is eternal, can not be decided by death. Dante, influenced by the ghost of Beatrice, finally realized that he had a duty to teach others that true love a la Dante & Beatrice was the essence of this world.

10. Guinevere and Lancelot

infidelity stories about king arthur, Guinevere and this lancelot. This Story has repeatedly filmed and is a tragic story that ended in the death of Lancelot.