10 Fastest Aircraft in the world

1. Space Shuttle 

You probably already know what it is on the Space Shuttle! The machine used as a rocket booster to the shuttle. Booster rocket was first created by NASA in 1981. And has a speed of 20,000 miles per hour, while the average speed is 17,500 miles per hour.

2. X-43a

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This aircraft was built by NASA, and used at certain times, for example for purposes of observation, spies and so forth. The aircraft managed to break the world record for high-speed flight in November 2004, which is 7500 miles per hour.

3. X-15 

This aircraft is also an aircraft designed by NASA and the "X" indicates that the aircraft was an experimental aircraft. Created back in 1959 . The aircraft is capable of racing at an average speed of 4510 miles per hour.

4. SR-71 Blackbird

The craft was designed by Clarence Kelly Johnson in 1966.Which is then developed by the United States under the supervision of NASA. The aircraft is capable of racing with a speed of 2200 miles per hour.

5. MiG-25R-B Fox Bat

Known as the Mikoyan-Gurevich, which was built in 1960 by a Russian. This aircraft is one of the mainstay of Air generations Algeria and Syria. The aircraft was deliberately created as an answer to the manufacture of aircraft Mack 3 of the United States. The aircraft is capable of racing at speeds up to 2000 kilometers per hour.

6. X-2

Known as the "star buster", is also an experimental aircraft built in 1955, produced by the United States. This aircraft has a speed of up to 1900 kilometers per hour.

7. XB-70 Valkyrie

This is a strategic bomber was first held in the United States and able to travel to most parts of the world. The aircraft is capable of racing at an average speed of 1890 kilometers per hour.

8. F-15 Eagle

Originally built by the United States for the purpose can be bolted to distant places like Japan, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Built in 1972. The aircraft is capable of racing with an average speed of 1875 kilometers per hour.

9. MiG-31 Foxhound

MiG 31 is a plane that was released later than the MiG 25.The aircraft is capable of racing at up to 1750 kilometers per hour.

10. F-111 Aardvark

This aircraft is a fighter-bomber aircraft of that created by the air forces of Australia. The average speed of this aircraft is 1650 kilometers per hour.