List 4 Rival of CIA Espionage Organization

1. SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedk) - Russia

SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedk)
Russia has a strong tradition of espionage when seen at the time of the Soviet Union the KGB. But after the Soviet Union collapsed, the KGB was divided to 2 smaller organizations with limited power. After ex-KGB Vladimir Putin took power, SVR began to appear and seemed to restore the power of the first espionage was victorious when he was called KGB. Russian espionage levels returned to highest levels during the cold war. SVR allegedly had a role in the assassination of former agent Alexander Litvinenko in London 2007.

But Putin has rejected these allegations and instead praised the SVR as one of the most professional organizations and organizations with effective use. In fact, the intelligence agency is one of the strongest political groups in Russia owned by Putin and many of the former KGB who occupy key positions in government.

2. The Mossad - Israel 

The Mossad has a major task that is against Islamic terrorists and evacuating the Jewish refugees. The Mossad, when translated into English, it means "The Institute". The Mossad has a reputation about the greatness of their extraordinary skill and aggressiveness in the fight against his opponent.

Some things never done by the Mossad who make the world a sensation among other kidnap one of the Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in 1960, killing of Israeli athletes designer assassination in Munich in 1972, and the killing of senior Hamas with using the explosive mobile phones in 1996.

Mossad also actively evacuate the Jews who wanted to immigrate to Israel. In 1990, Mossad make organizational transparency by announcing the name of the director, but when under Ariel Sharon, the Mossad back into the organization with a secret operation.

3. Ministry of State Security (MSS) - China 

Ministry of State (MSS)

MSS has a structure similar to the KGB during the Soviet Union first. MSS works in the area of ​​industrial espionage, data analysis, and security abroad. Believed by many observers that the Chinese espionage led to the United States especially in the field of military technology and high-tech industry.

Unlike the more western espionage assigned to obtain a secret intact, Chinese espionage was assigned to get a number that represents a small part of the secret and in the end, small pieces were collected into 1 overall. the outside usually, many sources that the secret being depleted by the MSS do not know if they had delivered their secret to the MSS and by the number of Chinese diplomats, murit, as well as Chinese business people are to the west each year to make MSS increasingly difficult to detect.

In September 2007, United announced that the database of the department of defense they have been hacked by China. Britain and Germany also announced similar things.

4. Secret Intelligence Service (M16) - English 

Secret Intelligence Service (M16)

After the terror of 9/11, 1600 agents are working to fight terrorism. Since then there has been a lightning recruitment agent to increase the number of existing agents. This is obviously very different from the way SIS recruitment in advance of the cold war era in which recruitment was held in secret and only take the best graduates from Oxford or Cambridge who have the potential to work in intelligence. According to British media, M16 in cooperation with the CIA in hunting down terrorists who targeted searches and M16 also allegedly tried to influence the domestic political power in Russia. But many observers say, M16 is not a great espionage organization is before.