The greatness of America Presidential Guard U.S. Secret Service

Maintain and secure the President of the United States was not an easy task. A number of advanced technologies required by a group of special forces to make the president feel at ease.

The question is, what form of special forces? Any technology that must be worn during the duty?

Dressed all in black, from head to toe is the characteristic of the special forces of the White House. Its aura of "haunted" radiates determination and steel of controlled aggression to create a safe situation. -->

This team is a collection of trained men from the Secret Service Emergency Response Team (ERT), which is especially prepared to provide security for the president following his family in the White House.

U.S Secret Service  

Each member of the ERT is equipped with latest hi-tech equipment and advanced weapons and their ability to survive is very advance. Not surprisingly, established since 1992, ERT was simmering for skilled in providing tactical response to various intrusions by foreigners or enemies who threaten the tranquility of the U.S. President and the White House.

A member of the ERT must use a single set bulletproof Kevlar or material on his body. Not just a shirt, pants and even vests and gloves were immune to bullets penetrated. Inside the vest, each member keeps a torch as well as enhancements to the weapon.

This picture shows one of the special forces member who was taken while waiting for President Barack Obama who is going from Blair House to the White House after meeting with a number of CEOs of the economy.

Holster in his right pocket is most likely a 9mm Glock, the most frequent favorite gun used by law enforcement and security forces. It’s accommodate 17 times shoot.

Completing the Glock, members also are armed with sub machine gun which is probably the Belgian-made FN P90, which according to experts at the specialist anti-terror SDMS Security is the only one weapon can fire a volley up to 50 shots.

Inside the bag is on the left side, there is probably some breathing equipment made by Avon Protection British company renowned experts in the field of manufacture of a respirator. The tool is expected to help breathing the President in an emergency.

In addition to a respirator, an officer may also bring a set of Night Vision glasses. They also carry a flashlight with a very strong illumination, which could be the Wolfeyes 320 lumens torch, the strength is more powerful than the illumination from the lights of a BMW car.

Ballistic vest may level NIJ Level 3A. However, in that it contains a type of lightweight ballistic plate to improve the defense up to level NIJ Level 4, according to SDMS.

This is all still estimates based on information collected from a collection of testimonies of the experts. No one has to know in detail what the specifications of equipment and advanced weapons that brought every member of the special forces now securing the White House.