10 most scary hazing ritual in America

nitiation / hazing is a common activity carried out by several universities around the world as a form of orientation for students new. But what happens if these activities were hazing activities degenerate into the most frightening in the world by some unscrupulous senior students in the campus environment is barbaric? 

Screamed by a Sharpie Marker: 


In 2002, a College Football Seven players in North Carolina, Antonio Wilkerson was arrested on charges of hazing that is not fair that is by writing with permanent marker name and position of several prospective new members at the college footbal eskul Seven is right in the ass. The worst part is that hazing has been common practice in the campus as a condition of absolute acceptance of prospective new members. The good news, in 2002, this hazing activity is not done anymore. 

Dildo or Cocaine? 


Strangely enough one of hazing activities in a student Genk in one private university in Chicago. So the prospective new member gang was required to choose between playing striptease scene using Dildo on campus page, or use drugs types of Cocaine on the toilet campus. 

Boiling in the Hot Water: 


At Tulane University, there is a hazing ritual that is very scary for new students who wish to enter into a most powerful Genk on campus, how initiation is no way by dipping the hands of prospective new members over the boiling water and crab boil lemon lemon. more and more members of the body of prospective new members who got injured stew, the higher the position that he could be in the gang 

Bobs Ranking: 


In a story carried by ABC News, author and researcher Alexandra Robbins reported that there is the worst kind of hazing in sororities that there is a "ranking of the breast." In this procedure, the sisters were forced to promise to take off their shirts and bras in cold rooms, and then line up according to the size of her breasts. 

Elephant Walk: 


Vermont passed a law an anti-hazing in 1999 because of the incident at the University of Vermont in which team members hockey player forced the students to drink warm beer until they vomit and do something called "elephantWalk", which is horrible. 

Elephant WALK is 

According to Urban Dictionary, there are many forms of "Elephant Walk". 

1) A group of men walking in a straight line, each person puts a thumb in their mouth and another thumb in the anus of men in front of them. 

2) A group of men walking in a straight line to hold to (erect) penis of the man behind and in front of them. 

3) A group of men walking in a straight line to hold to (erect) penis of men behind them, putting one's thumb into the anus of men in front of them. 


Rowing is what some people might think classic. Although that is most often associated with ancient traditions hazing. Pedal sounds funny, but still one of the worst. In fact, many of which go to the hospital with severe body injuries due to acts of violence. why is that? , What does not, it turns out the way this type of hazing is to bring together students of junior, then form a circle, then each other mumukul his buttocks continuously and alternately with a wooden stick shaped like a boat paddle strokes. one of minimal risk in the can by the victim is unable to sit due to blood clots that occur around the buttocks 

Galon Water Over Dose: 


When someone goes to college and died of an overdose of AIR, it sounds so ridiculous and impossible. But this is a hazing at the University of the State of New York. In March 2003, Walter Dean Jennings III was forced to drink many gallons of water, often to the point of vomiting. he stopped drinking water, but it was too late, it turns out he went in a coma, then died on the way to the hospital. after the autopsy, the brain ternayat victims had swollen filled with water. a result of this hazing incident 21 students punished by university senior and 13 of them convicted of organized murder article with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment by the court new york. 

All the Alcohol You Can Take or CAN NOT in 90 Minutes: 


Adam Marszal and Russell Taylor, two former students at California Polytechnic State University, was sentenced to prison after a new student hazing activities that the holding of causing death of a junior due to alcohol poisoning. Boys, berusia18, died after drinking large amounts of alcohol in 90 minutes. When done Otopsy, the victim's blood contained 60% Alcohol by Concentration 

Diatribe and invective for you: 

Another case was reported by Alexandra Robbins embarrassing was a woman who was forced to stand on a stool in front of the entire senior campus, then the seniors had to give it insults, curses, insults, vituperation. This type of hazing is just a few scenes of physical violence, but for the junior said, this is a hazing activity that really hurt the victim of psychological terms. 

Trivia Questions: Choose Your Object: 


Alexandra Robbins, who told ya lagi2 pepreloncoan case on the campus of the country's most fearsome uncle sam, because he wrote the book "Dismantling octopus Cikeas" wrong eh yg bener "The Black Secret behind your university", peloncoan this type named "Trivia Question" how rich in the movie bridal mask, so essentially the senior and junior gathered in a circle, then they took turns playing the bottle of vodka who put on the table, and anyone who intended by the mouth of a bottle of vodka was free to do anything with the tools that exist in the image above.