Treatment of Degenerative Spinal how

The basic features of osteoarthritis is degenerative lesions of articular cartilage, resulting in loss of articular cartilage and cartilage cells under, growing organization creating new bone joint edges. One of the common location of degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine, including the lumbar spine (most common), lumbar spine and cervical spine. With spinal degeneration, aging process usually occurs in two places: disc (located between two vertebrae) and inter-vertebral joints.

Degradation in general and in particular degenerative spine has two categories : primary degradation ( due to high age , no cause ) and secondary ( both can meet young people often found reasons ) . Secondary degeneration in spinal cord after injury common , structural disorder congenital vertebral disc (eg SCHEUERMANN disease , dysplasia spina bifida - line ) , acquired ( inflammation of the vertebral disc ) or the other causes of spinal deviations posture : hunched , twisted , too hyperextension.

Regarding treatment , depending on the condition that the measures of rest, proper posture is in pain . The non-pharmacological measures can reduce pain and reduces muscle spasticity as the appropriate exercise ; physiotherapy treatment as infrared , short wave , hot mud baths , hot springs ; massage , acupressure at the pain . Anti -inflammatory steroids such as diclofenac , meloxicam , piroxicam ... combined with muscle relaxants as mydocalm , myonal , painkiller paracetamol alone ... short-term use , in acute attacks of severe pain in patients . The drugs that are slowly degraded , affecting less stomach as glucosamine , chondroitin , diacerin ... Can prolonged use . If not inject steroids may help type emulsion in the following form joint ventures or epidural injection but need to specify the joint specialist in absolutely sterile conditions with the appropriate data , prevent abuse . Wear a splint cervical spine or lumbar spine in cases of degenerative spondylolisthesis combined firm spine loss . Surgical Indications in the case of a herniated disk , does not respond to medical therapy properly or when the pinched nerve lumbar spine causing paraplegia , or paralysis circular muscle disorders caused by spending on pinched cervical spine .

In the letter , he did not mention the condition , causes , so we did not give a specific time to be advised . Physicians should be matched to a specialist for a thorough examination , the doctor will be there just for the best doctors .

With osteoarthritis who have not been , prevention is the best way to avoid bad posture in daily life , as painful labor that long sitting , prolonged standing posture ; avoid heavy lifting or excessive movements too strong , sudden and posture . Keep your weight at an ideal level , avoid obesity . Exercise , play sports just like swimming strength , walking , cycling ... Early detection of spinal deformities to measure orthopedic medical or surgical appropriate . Better treatment of comorbid conditions likely to cause injury as inflammation vertebrae vertebral disc .