The 7 Dangerous Effects Of Lack Of Sleep!

Sleep is a routine activity undertaken by humans to rest the body and mind. There are so many benefits that can be obtained from the sleep activity. One of them is the body will be fit and refreshed when you wake up. So that we are ready to face the day-to-day hard and tiring that we must live today. 

Lack of sleep at night is not good for your health. Here are 7 Danger of lack of sleep for health. 

1. If you are a worker who must wear a car and motorcycle. You must have enough rest at night. This is because, if you are not sleeping at night, then you can bet your focus when driving will decrease. A research in the U.S. showed that sleep quality is low, then it can lead to accidents and injuries at work.

2. Did you know that sleep deprivation can lead to decreased concentration. For those of you who are students who have to work or you use your mind, lack of sleep can lead to disruption of concentration when you are learning or need to remember about something already and you have not done before. 

3. Due to the lack of sleep is also very bad for the health of your body. Various diseases will come to you such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and even diabetes. You do not expect to experience it all right? 

4. You will often experience stress, often angry unclear and often moody look in between your daily activities.

5. Would be impacted is not good for your skin and eyes. In this case, your skin will look pale and dull and wrinkles that appear on your skin and your eyes look puffy. 

6. Often forget to remember the items you put yourself, when to require the goods. 

7. Obesity or overweight. When we are always awake at night, there will be an increase in hunger and desire or appetite always wanted to be channeled lead to obesity or obesity with excess body weight from ideal size.