Foods Help Burn More Fat

Most people think , the key to losing weight is to eat fewer calories . However , it is actually not that simple because there are certain types of foods that can help burn body fat .

" In other words , eating these foods is as important as reducing calorie intake to lose weight , " said Jacqueline Silvestri Banks , a certified holistic health counselor from the United States .

He explained that some foods can help stabilize blood sugar , prevent sugar cravings , and keep the body full longer , even help burn fat . What are these foods ?

1 . Coconut oil
Coconut oil is formed by medium chain fatty acids are metabolized differently than long- chain fatty acids found in most of the fat . The medium chain fatty acids are used as the main energy source of the body rather than stored as fat .

2 . Vinegar apple
Produced from the fermentation of apple cider , apple cider vinegar is known is a source of minerals, enzymes , vitamins , and amino acids that good . A study by the American Diabetes Foundation found that eating an apple vinegar before eating foods high in carbohydrates can increase insulin sensitivity .

3 . Lemon
According to a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition , the vitamin C content is inversely related to body mass . People with sufficient levels of vitamin C oxidizes 30 percent fat during moderate exercise than those with low levels of vitamin C . Then , taking lemons are high in vitamin C will help you burn more fat .

4 . Fatty fish
Rich in protein and omega - 3 fatty acids , fatty fish including salmon or sardines can support weight reduction efforts . Some evidence indicates that omega - 3 found in fish may increase the rate of metabolism .

5 . " Grapefruit "
The fruit is low in calories , high levels of enzymes that maintain satiety . In a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food , the researchers found that eating half a grapefruit before meals fresh associated with significant weight reduction in obese people . Eating grapefruit before meals also significantly reduced glucose levels two hours after eating .