How to get rid of headaches without drugs

Many people suffer from chronic headaches

That transforms their lives into hell .. makes their night long, depriving them of sleep sometimes ..

Our daily lives is a continuous work that does not stop , day and night
Can be either physical or intellectual work and this effort may cause us a lot of health complications , including headaches

Many of us have recourse to the doctor , who may prescribe drugs to treat headaches will benefit him and his, but that can cause other disease and suffering that may be biggest than headaches ...
This recipe is very easy , quick and inexpensive never , all we need onion and knife

Very easy way :
- Peel the onion pill and cut with a knife
- While slicing onions pill you should bring unscrew them and inhaling the smell of onions well
- Hot steam onions cause the descent of tears and nasal mucus at that instant you will feel comfortable and headaches will go in time