Is your child depressed?

Children do get depressed and this can affect the parent very much.So,use the signs to confirm if your child could be going through depression:

1.Sadness-If the child is usually sad and nothing cheers them up,don’t ignore him or her,try to find out if they can open up to you.Children can at times open up to people depending on their relationship with the person.

2.Irritable-They get irritated by things that are so minor and small

3.Clinginess-Depressed children can be very clingy to their parents or families because these are the only people they trust,this clinginess can sometimes make them not go to school.So,if a child does not want to go to school,find out if the depression is linked to school because children when bullied at school often tend to become depressed and try to miss going to school.

4.Lack of appetite-The child refuses to eat and will always say they are full.Even their favorite foods are no longer eaten because of what they are going through

Finally make sure the child is taken to a doctor who would be able to diagnose the condition.Most of the times when this condition is not attended to,they grow up with it and can become suicidal in adulthood.