Multiple Myeloma

Cancer can attack the entire human body including the hidden part like the bone marrow . Although his name is not often heard , the threat certainly can not be underestimated .

One of them is multiple myeloma , a cancer of the cells in the bone marrow produce antibody . These cells are part of the immune system . The condition occurs when the cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow mutate and accumulate .

Multiple myeloma can be diagnosed by a blood test or urine . Although the distribution of mutation rate is 3 percent plasma in people aged over 50 years , but only 1 percent is risk with multiple myeloma .

" Each year about 20 thousand people are diagnosed with multiple myeloma . Thus , multiple myeloma premalignan conditions become commonplace , " the research staff at the Department of Hematology Oncology and Blood Disorders at the Cleveland Clinic , Frederic Reu .

Although it is still unclear what causes multiple myeloma , but the disease seems to have a genetic risk factor . The first offspring of two times greater risk of suffering from multiple myeloma compared to succeeding generations . African-American race was also 2-3 times greater risk of suffering from multiple myeloma dibandung Caucasian .

According Reu symptoms of multiple myeloma include , dehydration , constipation , irregular heartbeat , weak bones , kidney failure , and paralysis . Until now , treatment has not been found to cure multiple myeloma . Therapy was conducted aimed only reduce the pain felt by the patient .

" There is no single best way to determine how to take care of myeloma patients , " said Reu .

Patients with multiple myeloma can last for 5-7 years , although no one can reach 10 years . Reu said , at one point will be reactive to the treatment of cancer . This is handled by giving another type of treatment is quite effective .

One of the patients with multiple myeloma is the presenter of NBC , Tom Brokaw . Tom returned to work after diagnosed in August 2013 . This condition is a normal thing , because the treatment of multiple myeloma does not affect the quality of life .

Several types of treatment include chemotherapy multiple myeloma still . However Reu said , the dose used was not too high so that the patient can still work . Reu was optimistic on condition Brokaw .

" He'll be fine for a long time , especially if they do not have risk factors . Majority of patients condition remained good until a couple of years , " said Brokaw .