Fermented foods, Prevent Diabetes and Good for Immunity

The fermented food intake was initially not seen as beneficial to health . But the food , which is processed by settling for a few days or weeks before consuming it , turned out to be a new source of health .

In America , today's vegetables and fermented kombucha drinks healthy food is becoming a trend . Kombucha is a fermented tea drink frothy long been known in China .

This trend is also supported by the benefits based on the results of the research . Last week researchers from Cambridge University reported that regular consumption of low-fat dairy products fermented , such as yoghurt , fromage frais and cottage cheese , can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 25 percent over a period of more than 11 years .

Fromage frais is fresh soft cheese made ​​from unpasteurized milk and some cream to use . Although soft , very sharp flavor fromage frais . While blue cheese blue cheese is is due to the growth of bacteria and fungus in it . Blue cheese is made from sheep's milk and fermented bacteria Penicilium roqueforti .

In the fermentation process , microbes first consume food rather than humans . The bacteria then break down sugars , starches , and causes nutrients more easily absorbed by the body . The existence of this process can be seen from the number of yeast found in fermented foods .

Some lactic acid bacteria fermentation and release natural preservative , which causes digestive environment becomes acidic . This acidic conditions trigger the growth of good bacteria . Besides fermented foods also became a natural pro biotic supplement that works effectively in the body .

The role of bacteria in the digestive tract gets a lot of attention . This role led to the consumption of bacteria -rich fermented very well be known to the world .

" Approximately 70-80 percent of the body's resistance determinants in digestion . Fermented foods stimulate the growth of bacteria that determines the body's immunity . So that fermented foods are very beneficial for those who have a cough and feel cold .Food is also rich in probiotics to control symptoms such as bloating and bowel disorders , "says Alison Clark of the British Dietetic Association .

The same thing is said about food author , Michael Pollan , which supports food fermentation . Pollan says , the number of bacteria in the human body more than the cell .

" Many health experts consider bacteria are the enemy . 99.9 Though no harm and benefit humans , "says Pollan .

Pollan and Clark recommend various other fermented foods such as olives , meats , and cheeses . These foods can stimulate immunity , fight allergies , and help you lose weight because it helps keeps the stomach feel full .

However, the intake should be selected that contain a lot of bacteria lactobacillus . Lactobacillus release lactic acid fermentation , which gives many benefits to the body .

Research published in Critical Reviews in Microbiology in 2011 said , lactic acid can enhance the immune system , prevent diarrhea , ulcers , and reduce allergies .