Effect of Vitamin C for Cancer Therapy

High doses of vitamin C can enhance cancer cell killing effects of the chemotherapy process . This was stated by the experts in the results of research in humans and animals in laboratory rats .

Researchers say vitamin C through injection , which is safe , effective , and would constitute a low cost treatment for ovarian cancer and several other types .

Researcher Dr. Jeanne Drisko said interest and the interest of experts on the use of vitamin C for the treatment of cancer is increasing .

" Patients are looking for a safe choice and low cost in the management of their cancer . According to our research and early clinical data , administration of vitamin C through the blood vessels have the potential , " Drisko said .

Written research report in Science Translational Medicine , asked the government to conduct a clinical trial with a larger scale .

direct consumption

Vitamin C has long been used as an alternative therapy for cancer .

In the 1970s , chemist Linus Pauling reported that vitamin C given intravenously proven effective in the treatment of cancer .

However , clinical trials of vitamin C given orally did not give the same effect , because it turns out the human body rapidly secrete vitamin C if consumed directly .

Researchers from the University of Kansas said that the administration of vitamin C through injection can be directly absorbed by the body , and can kill cancer cells without harming normal cells .

In his research , the researchers injected the ovarian cancer cells with vitamin C in laboratory mice and patients who had advanced ovarian cancer .

They found that the cancer cells are sensitive to vitamin C , but normal cells are not in danger .

Treatments performed in conjunction with chemotherapy drugs for lowering standards tumor growth in the rat studies . Meanwhile , a group of patients reported little experience side effects when given vitamin C along with chemotherapy .

Pharmaceutical companies can not do this test , because vitamins can not be patented , because it is a natural product .