Important Factors in Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is predicted as a future treatment methods . However , for this therapy is not as easy as conventional treatment . For optimal results , the following number of important factors should not be overlooked .
Because this treatment method is still new and not many experts who are able to do so . In addition , this method is still a lot to experience growth , even though the needs of people in using this method is already high .

According to researchers from ReGeniC ( Regeneratic and Cellular Therapy ) Indra Bachtiar , there are a few important things prior to stem cell therapy . First , stem cells must be made in the right way .

"The way of making stem cells that will actually affect the safety and efficacy of stem cell therapy , " said Indra in the media workshop entitled " Stem Cell Technology for a Better Life " in Bogor , on Saturday ( 08/03/2014 ) .

The correct way , said Indra , also determine the legality of stem cell therapy itself. He said , the legality is important in order to provide the best results for patients .

" Permission for an institute for stem cell treatment is important because it ensures the quality of stem cells , " he said .

In addition , Indra is also explained , an important factor of stem cell therapy are physicians who perform the therapy on patients . According to Indra , if the stem cells have been of good quality , but the doctor who did not master the technique correctly then the results would not be optimal therapy , may even harm the patient .

" Stem cells are good quality but are left in the open one hour or one injection method still results will not be good . Then physicians who perform the therapy also determine the success of therapy , " said Indra .

Researchers from other ReGeniC Yuyus Kusnadi said , in addition to pay attention to the quality of stem cells , which are no less important is the source of the stem cells themselves . Individuals who will be taken prior stem cells need a blood test first.

" The test aims to detect infection of the blood . If there is a virus infection such as HIV , HCV , HBsAg or hepatitis B , then one can not be taken stem cells , " said Yuyus .

According Yuyus , it is in accordance with the regulations that apply to the use of stem cell therapy . The reason , the blood containing the virus to infect susceptible to others , particularly the care of laboratory stem cells as well as patients who received stem cell therapy other .