Pollution Increases Risk of Heart Attack

Research British Medical Journal ( BMJ ) monitoring data from 100,000 people in five European countries and found evidence of harmful pollution to health , even at concentration levels of air pollution are safe .

This study reveals a link between air pollution and the risk of heart attack .

The experts stressed the risk to the individual is still relatively small . Even so , addressing the results of this study , the European Union and then increase the target to achieve clean air .

A number of arguments says the results were not conclusive because they do not calculate pollution exposure to a higher level . One of the factors , such as smoking and high blood pressure , contributes much more to a person's risk of heart attack compared to vehicle and industrial fumes .

However , joint research conducted by institutes and universities in Europe has revealed that exposure to air pollution in the long term and recurring extraordinary risk , especially for those who live near a busy road in a city .

Pollution and respiratory diseases

Furthermore , the BMJ study found that 13 percent increase in the levels of very fine particles measuring 2.5 micrometers ( PM 2.5 ) tends to increase the incidence of heart attack , after calculated with other risk factors such as smoking . Increased levels of larger particles PM 10 is also associated with the risk of heart attack .

The new EU rules set limits on air pollution PM 2.5 doubling of air threshold recommended by the World Health Organization .

The researchers said the results of the study should be a reference to the European Union to lower the threshold of air pollution particles .

Because , in the UK , an estimated nearly 30,000 people die prematurely each year due to exposure to air pollution , which is attributed to asthma and other lung diseases , including cancer and heart disease .