Natural Ways to Lower LDL

Bad cholesterol or high LDL can be lowered by a variety of ways depending on the circumstances . Cholesterol can be dropped only by adjusting the diet , but in certain circumstances the use of drugs become necessary.

Even so , if cholesterol is already showing signs must be taken down, diet be the first step that must be executed . Reduce intake of saturated fats become the first step .

If your doctor recommends a diet , the intake amount can be a natural way of lowering cholesterol :

* Oat bran .

Oat bran is the outer layer of the oat seeds can be eaten more subtle form of oatmeal . Foods rich in beta - glucan fiber can reduce LDL levels to 10 , 20 . 30 mg / dl .

* Flaxseed .

Flaxseed with low carbohydrate content is easy to digest , rich in fiber and can lower LDL . You can sprinkle flax seed on various daily meals .

* Avoid foods with wheat flour .

To reduce levels of LDL , you should avoid foods made from white flour such as bread , pasta , cereals are not derived from oats , biscuit .

* Avoid foods with a high glycemic index .

LDL can go down if you limit foods with a high glycemic index such as sweets , soft drinks , cakes , white potatoes , white rice .

* Nuts .

Choose beans that have not been processed or salted . Consume almonds or other nuts a quarter to half a cup per day for lowering LDL . Nuts are rich in fiber is still natural and make early satiety .

* Niacin .

Niacin or Vitamin B3 effective as statin drugs to lower LDL . However, niacin can also be obtained from foods rather than supplements or drugs . Like mushrooms , tuna , salmon , chicken breast , asparagus , venison , lamb liver , beef , eggs .

* Foods rich in soy .

Soya -rich foods could also be another option to lower LDL . Besides knows , soy milk can also be chosen .