Obesity Women are Vulnerable to Breast Cancer

Obesity is not just a pile of fat , but also stacks of deadly diseases . Stroke , coronary heart disease , and diabetes mellitus , is a horrible effect of subscription . One more thing , obesity also affects the rate of breast cancer cells and tumor size .

Research of Tulane School of Medicine in New Orleans said the impact of obesity on breast cancer for post - menopausal women . Those who gained weight more than 24 pounds after age 18 years , 50 percent of breast cancer risk .

To find the study , researchers analyzed the fat stem cells taken from 24 women . For comparison , cells were taken from obese and non- obese women . Cells were also taken from the abdominal fat , and non- abdominal area .

Fat stem cells grown in the laboratory with breast cancer cells . Then these cells were injected into the mammary glands of rats . As a result, the status of obese women, especially belly fat , can determine the rate of breast cancer cell growth and tumor size .

The researchers say this is because fat cells can increase stromal cells and the production of a hormone called leptin . The hormone can increase the number of cancer cells and tumor growth .

" This finding is important because it proves that the impact of obesity on breast cancer growth , " said Bruce A. Bunnell , researchers from Tulane School of Medicine , as reported by Medical News Today website .

Bunnell Further , these findings should be known to women , especially those who have a high risk of breast cancer . Women should be able to maintain their weight and live a healthy life . Women with a strict diet and regular exercise , will reduce the chances of breast cancer