7 Ways to Keep Heart Healthy in 30s

The age of 30, every man will face life more complicated and crucial . If the problems are piling up and not finished , stress vulnerable to attack , the risk of heart problems also threatened .

This is why they are in their 30s should actively address the condition of the body and manage stress levels . How do I ? The following tips as quoted from Timesofindia :

Away from the office and family tensions

It is not easy , but the mind must be calm . The more you relax , the easier the body manage stress levels .


This is the best way to reduce levels of stress , or to get the body in shape . By exercising 15-30 minutes a day , you will have a healthy heart at the age of 30. In addition, exercise can prevent obesity , a place where the disease nesting .

Eat healthy foods

Try to avoid unhealthy food over the weekend . Calories and cholesterol contained in them , increasing the risk of heart . Better balanced with Omega 3 dietary protein or healthy .

sleep soundly

Do not sleep less than 5 hours a day . It can increase the risk of stroke or heart attack . Make sure you sleep and wake up regularly every day .

It is also important to avoid smoking or excessive alcohol consumption , stay away from heavy meals before bedtime .

eat breakfast

Never miss a nutritious breakfast . A healthy breakfast gives your body the fuel that activity goes well . Eggs , cereal and milk , toast and peanut butter , are some healthy breakfast menu .

Note contraceptives

Birth is often controlled by the installation of contraceptives , such as pills and injections . If you have high blood pressure or a family history of heart disease , contraceptives can trigger the disease to you .

Limit your intake of sugar and salt

Excess sugar can increase cholesterol . While excess salt maybe impact on high blood pressure . Do not have to avoid it , but limit your intake of sugar and salt every day . Reduce eating a delicious cake that is decorated cream .