Eating Fresh Fruits Prevent Diabetes

Eating fresh fruit , mainly fruit blueberries , grapes , apples , and pears , it can reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus . Conversely , if it is made in the form of juice actually increases the risk of diabetes .

The team of researchers from the UK , USA , and Singapore , three large studies looked at data on diabetes conducted in the U.S. and made ​​nearly a quarter century . More than 187,000 nurses and other health care professionals involved in the study .

All respondents were monitored in a few years and periodically they answered questionnaires about diet , weight, smoking habits , physical activity , and other lifestyle factors .

Approximately 6.5 percent of respondents had diabetes during the study period .

People who eat at least two servings of fruit servings every week , especially blueberries , grapes , and apples , have a risk of developing diabetes mellitus 23 percent lower than those eating less than one serving of fruit each month .

" The results of this study provide evidence that certain fruits have a special effect in lowering the risk of diabetes , " said Qi Sun , an assistant professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health .

On the other hand , those who consumed one or more servings of fruit juice per day , the risk of diabetes increased by 21 percent .

Although the nutritional value of fresh fruit are eaten whole with fruit juice is almost the same , but there are differences in liquid and semi- solid form .

" The liquid goes directly into the gastrointestinal tract quickly than solid foods , although levels of the same nutrients , " wrote the researchers .

Certain fruits , such as berries and grape types , is considered more useful to prevent diabetes . Anthocyanin fruit contains substances that have been known to lower the risk of heart attack .

In a questionnaire given to the respondents to the study, there are 10 types of fruit that is often consumed , such as grapes , peaches , plums , prunes , bananas , melons , apples or pears , oranges , strawberries , blueberries , and a large orange .