Recognize the Symptoms of Prediabetes

Diabetes is not a disease that occurs instantaneously . This disease takes a long time before finally disabling the function of insulin .

One sign to the diabetes condition is prediabetes . Someone who has been in this condition could be said to be a step closer towards diabetes . In this condition , the alarm was sounded as loud warning people to be vigilant .

" On the condition of prediabetes , blood sugar content reaches 100-126 mg / dl while fasting and 140-200 mg / dL for blood sugar while . In fact , normal blood sugar content is less than 100 mg / dl while fasting and less than 140 for any blood sugar , "says clinical nutritionist Dr Firman Abdullah , SpGK from Santosa Hospital , London .

In this condition , the symptoms of diabetes have been seen . Abdullah said , people with prediabetes drowsiness , rapid fatigue , and difficulty concentrating . People with prediabetes also easier hunger and frequent urination .

" If allowed would eventually become diabetic . Prediabetes is fitting into the yellow light and immediately transform into a more healthy diet , " said Abdullah .

People with prediabetes should also regularly check your blood sugar , either during fasting or the first. Monitoring is often done to prevent blood sugar and improve the control diet .

Abdullah patients with prediabetes suggest appropriate attention to diet 3 J. 3 A pattern is exactly the number , type , and schedule . Exact amount is to measure and adapt them to the needs of the food calories consumed . For adults , the requirement is 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day .

The right kind of food is to nutrition as needed and its influence on the speed of increase in blood sugar . Foods with high sugar content , which is more than 70 , easily increase blood sugar levels . Therefore, foods with simple carbohydrates , such as white bread and large , should be avoided .

Prediabetes condition should consume foods with low sugar content , which is less than 55 , or is in the range 56-69 . Foods with high sugar content in fruit and vegetables there . While the sugar content was in the brown rice and oats .

Healthy diet , plus exercise diligently , will prevent diabetes . When diabetes blood sugar more than 126 mg / dl while fasting , and more than 200 mg / dl when not fasting . These conditions lead to insulin no longer functioning and the body can not convert sugar into energy .

Different overweight and obesity

Conditions prediabetes can actually be seen weight . Excess weight and not appropriate Body Mass Index ( BMI ) should make a person alert and immediately check blood sugar . Excess weight is known as overweight and obese .

Overweight is overweight marked more weight than Body Mass Index ( BMI ) . On overweight , the BMI value is 25 to 26.9 , while the normal BMI is 18.5-24.9 .

While obesity is a condition of excess fat , as measured using waist circumference . For women , the ideal waist circumference is 81.25 inches , whereas in men is 87.5 centimeters . In patients with obesity , the BMI value reached more than 27 . Fat in obese people more than overweight .

" Although different , both of these conditions requires vigilant and immediately replace a healthier lifestyle . Diligent eat vegetables , fruits , and exercise is key , " said Abdullah .