Is there a First Aid for Heart Attacks?

A heart attack is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. Do not delay seeking medical help because in this situation a race against time heart muscle damage that can be fatal.

According dr.Dicky A.Hanafy, heart and vascular specialists, if you or someone else is having a heart attack, there was no first aid can really help.

"Instead of helping, it actually minimize the chance of patients cured," he said in a seminar on Handling of Acute Heart held by RS.Bunda Jakarta, Thursday (07.04.13).

Dicky said, the sooner got Handling in the hospital, the greater the chance the patient recovered. "The first action that could help, perhaps as soon as possible to give oxygen," said Dicky.

Oxygen that the patient is expected to be received directly channeled into the heart of which is expected to make the brain still works. "The brain nerves which work indicates that still conscious. This indicates that the patient can still be saved," he explained.

Other actions that can be done is to give the patient electric shock through the appliance Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). The tool consists of two metal plates that can be electrified. The tool is then affixed to the patient's chest to stimulate the heart to work.

AED is the ultimate tool for handling cardiac emergencies before the patient was taken to the hospital. Portable means is usually provided in an ambulance and several public facilities such as airports. In developed countries, the police car was available in this tool.

"First aid can be a little more help is CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). But not completely effective," said Dicky.

CPR is the act of stomping help with blood vessels to the heart. Buffeting is expected to be slightly open clogged blood vessels so that blood can flow even slightly. After that the patient can be taken to the hospital.

But at least CPR action takes 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the ordinary people do not know how bad a heart attack suffered. Knowledge of CPR is also not owned by the majority of the Indonesian people.

"Because it should be immediately taken to the hospital. Coronary vessels are very small, if one did beat fear it would make a duct leak," said Dicky. Also tend to make mistakes buffeting other plaque participate leak, thus making the disease worse.