Healthy foods that Also Make You Fat

Smart choices food is key to maintaining health and body weight. Not a few foods that seem healthy but in fact can actually make the calories pile up.

According to Cathrine Matthews, a nutritionist from the UK, there are some types of food "labeled" healthy but in fact it can be fattening if consumed frequently. Here are some of them:

- Smoothies (blended vegetables and fruit are fine)

Vegetables and fruit smoothies may look like a pack of vitamins and minerals. But it also contains sugar smoothies are no different from other sweet drinks. Better to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

- Olive oil

This oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and is healthier than butter and margarine. But still, this oil. Therefore, use a little.

- Honey

Often referred to as "natural food", but actually honey also contains sugar. Replace sugar with honey in beverages similar effect on the accumulation of calories.

- Juice

Avoiding heavy meals but replace it with a glass of fruit juice or bottled juice will not make you more slim because of high sugar content.

- Bread

Many argue brown bread is healthier, but you should choose whole grain bread.

- Low-fat products

Biscuit or yogurt with low-fat labels often contain more sugar to replace the fat. If you like yogurt, choose plain yogurt with fruit slices.

- Chicken

Chicken meat is healthier than red meat, but it's only if you process chicken meat by removing the skin. Should not be fried because it makes the calories add up.

- Dried fruit and nuts

In most products, dried fruits and sugar coated nuts plus salt. Choose who reads without salt (unsalted).

- Granola

Indeed granola made from a mixture of whole grains, nuts and seeds. But granola is also high in calories and fat.

- Wine

Many studies suggest that the consumption of wine in small doses to prevent heart disease. But this does not mean calorie-free beverages.