Habits That Cause Nerve Disorders

Neuropathy is nerve damage caused by decreased nerve function. Neuropathy is common for those aged over 40 years. Neural Data Specialist Doctors Association of Indonesia (Perdossi) in 2012, said about 26 percent or 1 in 4 people aged 40 years and over had neuropathy.

According to the Chairman of the Study Group on Neurophysiology and Neuroscience Center Bank Perdossi dr. Manfaluthy judge said, neuropathy usually occurs initially in the legs. This is because the foot has a long nerve size.

"Niagara nerve foot in the waist, compared to the hand that is in the neck. Then legs are usually more prone to neurological disorders," said the doctor to call Luthy this in a media briefing entitled 'Vitamin neurotropic Prevent Early Neuropathy' Wednesday (3 / 4/2013) in Jakarta.

Neuropathy have symptoms such as numbness or numbness, burning, numbness, cramps, muscle stiffness, numbness, loss of bladder control, hypersensitive skin, shiny skin and hair loss in a particular area, limb weakness and muscle wasting.

According to Luthy, neuropathy was also caused by a trauma or pinched nerve. Trauma caused by some habit, which is usually done in a long time and repeatedly. What are the activities that lead to neuropathy?

1. Typing on the keyboard with the wrong position.

Typing the wrong position will cause trauma to the hands or commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome. If it continues and no action is taken, it will be a neuropathy.

2. Too much squat.

Squatting will hit a lot of nerves in the foot. If it's too long do will usually cause numbness or tingling. It can also lead to neuropathy.

3. Too much sitting cross-legged.

Almost the same as squatting, sitting cross-legged too many nerves in the feet pressing the trigger neuropathy.

4. Sat cross-legged.

Cross your legs when sitting may look beautiful, but its effects will cause tingling. Then you should frequently change the sitting position.

In addition, other positions are pressing their hands and feet too long and often also lead to neuropathy. But if the habit is not going to be stopped or reduced to cause neuropathy.

"Habits can lead to neuropathy, but usually only results in impaired nerve function and can be cured because it is reversible," said Luthy.