Get More Sharp Brain with 10 Minutes of Meditation Every Day

If you often lose concentration, easy to forget something, or take a long time to make a decision, you may need to do meditation. Sit quietly and feel your breath has known to help improve the brain function.

Meditation done on a regular basis are known to increase the density of the brain, improving relations between neurons, reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety, sharpen the thinking brain and increases endorphins that evoke positive mood

The research also showed that meditation can improve physical function by lowering the risk of chronic disease and improve overall quality of life. This study shows that regular meditation effective in supporting mental health, emotional, and physical.

More recently, neuroscientists from UCLA have demonstrated attractive benefits of meditation are practiced regularly improve the brain's ability to process information quickly. Meditation can improve brain function to the layer of the cortex responsible for controlling memory, consciousness, thinking, decision-making, and attention.

Researchers compared people who diligently meditate with people who never meditated at all. As a result, the researchers saw a significant increase in cortical folding in a wide area of ​​the brain, and not only in the cortex, which is responsible for the emotional and mental health.

Meditation will be very effective when done regularly. 10 minutes of meditation every day can give significant benefits and you can feel the change in a relatively short period.

All you need to do is sit down in a quiet place and in a comfortable position. Then inhale slowly and hold for several seconds and then release. The essence of meditation is to feel the movement of your own breath.

Do this meditation regularly to get the benefits for your brain health.