5 Ways to Have a More Flexible Body

With increased age the elasticity of muscle fibers will decrease. So we need prevention efforts to continue to perform activities like stretching. Here are some tips for stretching.

1. Do it in the morning

Relaxing the body shortly after waking up can provide energy and help the body become more flexible. Stretching this morning to do in bed, waking up even before going to bed. However, because the body is still stiff after waking up, make sure you do not over-exert stretching movements.

2. Do not forget the cooling

Cooling after exercise is often overlooked, but very important. Especially after running or cycling exercise because this type of exercise makes the tension in the joints. So always do cool a few minutes after exercise to help your body stay flexible.

3. Repeat roll

Roll or roll movement is an effort to loosen the ties loosen connective tissue as well as muscle tension. Use the rolling mat and do the movement on it.

4. Complete your sport

If you really want to get a flexible body, so it's good to supplement your workout with yoga or pilates exercises. Both can help flex as well as strengthen the muscles if done regularly.

5. target area

Stretching ideally is performed on all parts of the body. But focusing on a few specific areas may be more beneficial. For example when you spend more time sitting, you need to focus on the movement of the shoulder and pelvic stretching.