Eat Toast Often Can Trigger Cancer?

Burned food is known to be one of the factors triggering the onset of cancer in the body. If so, is eating toast frequently can also cause cancer?

"Maybe. Nobody can say for sure," said Dr Paul Brent, chief researcher at the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ), as quoted from, Friday (04/01/2013).

Dr Brent said this is because no one has investigated whether people who often eat baked bread has a higher cancer risk, and there are no laboratory studies using mice.

However the chemical acrylamide resulting from the heating process glucose and certain amino acids found in toast. This chemical is potentially harmful to the body.

"The level of acrylamide in food increases with higher cooking temperatures and long cooking times. Though bread has less acrylamide than chips and French fries," said Dr. Brent.

Acrylamide is used in many industrial processes and high exposure is known to be toxic to the nervous system of animals and humans. But acrylamide in foods generally do not reach the same level as the industry.

Additionally burnt toast also contain small amounts polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were also found in air pollutants. Some of the types of PAHs is proven carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals).

PAHs are one of the most famous is benzopyrene found in coal-tar and cigarette smoke. This substance is produced when organic material does not burn completely. If it gets into the body can trigger chemical changes in cells that cause DNA damage and eventually lead to cancer.

Brent recommend should avoid baking bread for too long, and do not be tempted to eat the burnt toast. If it's too long to burn, better get rid of the bread that is too dark or slightly burnt.