Chest Pain That Can Be Heart Attack Signs

Some people think all chest pain caused by heart attacks emerged. Though chest pain indicate a heart attack symptoms like this.

"Very sick and continuously for about 10-15 minutes it was a heart attack, constant pain," said Dr. Kenneth Ng Kwan Chung, cardiologist from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in familization media event at Mount Elizabeth Novena, Singapore, Tuesday (29/1 / 2013).

Dr. Kenneth said if a heart attack the pain was so bad and constant. If only a few seconds there was likely caused by poor blood flow or other conditions.

Revealed the things that increase the risk of heart disease is diabetes, age of 70-75 years, smoking, and high cholesterol levels. For high cholesterol take a long time to cause a heart attack, because it can be done prevention.

"Check how healthy your heart is. By doing a blood test coupled with arterial health. If the good cholesterol and arteries healthy, then do not act any more," said the clinic doctor who is also a tutor at the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

One of the tests can be done as a form of prevention of heart disease is CADRA gene test can predict cardiovascular risk.

Meanwhile, if there is someone who had a heart attack, the first aid that can be done is to give aspirin and drink that has been destroyed. Additionally immediately called an ambulance.

"A heart attack is usually caused by blood clots. Aspirin that could be destroyed more quickly absorbed to dissolve these clots. Aspirin so important," said Dr. Kenneth.

Now, a heart attack can strike people young age. For that do prevention with a healthy lifestyle and regular check cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.