4 Habits That Can Worsen Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that attacks silently because it is without symptoms and can cause a variety of dangerous complications. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes should also avoid certain habits that can aggravate diabetes.

Patients with diabetes should be able to manage his disease before getting worse. Various studies have linked the risk of diabetes with cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney, eye, and skin and mouth problems.

Diabetes can be managed by changing your lifestyle such as quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing the consumption of sweet foods, and increase physical activity. They should also avoid some of the things that can worsen their condition.

Bad habits following must be avoided in order not to aggravate diabetes :

1. Watching TV
A study found that every 2 hours of time spent by patients with type 2 diabetes to watch television, can worsen the condition of diabetes by 20 percent. This is because the body is too long silence while watching television can make your metabolism works more slowly in managing blood sugar.

2. Skipping sleep
When a person with diabetes awake all night, his body will sweat at night and this can lead to dehydration. The body will be tired and brain are more resilient to stress that may increase appetite and cause blood sugar spikes.

3. Do not routinely measure blood sugar levels
Patients with diabetes should measure their blood sugar regularly to see if they consume drugs or insulin to control blood sugar can work well or not.

4. Yo-yo dieting
Yo-yo dieting is weight loss efforts in super fast way, but loss weight quickly can also back up quickly if not maintained properly. The ups and downs of weight suddenly can cause spikes in blood sugar levels which can worsen diabetes.