Tips for Choosing a Mattress for Better Healthy Sleep

Did you know, enough sleep can increase alertness, accuracy, responsiveness, concentration, and productivity? Conversely, lack of sleep is able to cause an increased risk of malignancies.

American Asscociation of Cancer Research (2008) states, active women who slept less than seven hours per day had a 47 percent greater risk for breast cancer. Sleep just is not enough. Sleep disorders are considered trivial, such as snoring and sleep quality can reduce the risk of causing degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, and decreased quality of life.

According to the specialists of sleep disorders Sleep Disorder Clinic Mitra Kemayoran Hospital, Andreas Prasasdja, sleep is a "cure" all diseases. While virtually inactive, the human body is actually very active during sleep.

In the sleep stage or sleep well, no growth hormones produced by the children. Meanwhile, for adults there are hormones that can trigger skin rejuvenation.

All the benefits of this bed can only be obtained if a person has a good quality sleep. Unfortunately, sleep is often disrupted by the comfort of the discomfort caused by a mistake choosing the mattress or mat.

Thus, choosing a mattress that fits the body quite important. Director Sugeng Witarsa ​​Massindo Group provides tips on choosing a good mattress.

"Make sure the mattress fits your needs and comfort. Terms of support (support), a good mattress should be able to support the spine. If the mattress is too soft, the body will sink. If it's too loud, the shoulder will be pressured upward. Eventually is not good. Squad and one shoulder often lack proper pillow for support, "he said.

He added, "There is a great need to be able to make a little more pressure and time to sleep, we did not move much. Sleep becomes more comfortable."

In general, the prospective buyers only pay attention to the physical form of the mattress mattress, try sitting on the edge of the mattress, or just feel the moment the mattress support. According Witarsa, it is wrong. Instead, prospective buyers choose mattress mattress seize the moment in order not to regret later on.

The mattress is an important investment. Not only because of the frequency of purchase is very rare, but also because it influences on health.

Try to feel the buffering capacity mattress with a bed for a few minutes on it. Do it like a normal sleeping position. Make sure you feel comfortable backbone and no one part of your body that feel too much pressure. Congratulations choose mattress! Choosing the right, you are so much healthier.