5 Ways to Slim Again After Eating

Ever tempted with food dish in the middle of a party that "forced" to eat a lot? Then maybe we think, can eat a lot but do not cause weight gain?

The answer, of course you can, as long as we are willing to do some extra effort. Here's five ways to avoid gaining weight after eating a lot.

1. Jump back to a healthy diet

After realizing "mistakes" that we do, do not delay to get back into a healthy eating pattern. Strive to return to eating small meals but often to keep blood sugar stable. Such a diet can also provide enough energy so as to prevent overeating.

2. Eat lots of fiber

Fiber can help get rid of the remnants of food in the digestive system to facilitate the disposal process. So always input fiber-rich foods into the diet. The presentation of the food was not to reduce Noteworthy fiber content. For example, the fruit contains more fiber when eaten whole rather than juice made​​.

3. Drink lots of water

Water can help neutralize the salt from food that has been eaten as well as removing it from the body system. When we eat a lot most likely also eat foods that contain a lot of salt.

4. Eating "anti-bloating" Food

After eating a lot, maybe we'll feel bloated, so we need foods that can neutralize it. Cucumber, celery, melons, asparagus is a diuretic and low in calories which helps reduce bloating.

5. sport

According to Calorie Control Council, to cut about half a kilogram, we need to burn 3,500 more calories than are consumed. Exercise can speed up the metabolism so that it can help us to burn more calories than not. So after eating a lot, we need to increase the portion of our practice more than usual.