Recognize Hemorrhoids Severity Stadium

Although not a serious medical condition, but hemorrhoids can disrupt lives of sufferers. The disease is characterized by pain, especially when defecating. Less fiber diet can aggravate hemorrhoids condition that progressed to an advanced stage.

Hemorrhoids or piles are enlarged group of veins (veins) in the anus, just under the membrane lining the rectum and anus. In medical terminology, piles is known as hemorrhoids are actually a bunch of these veins.

Dr.. Ari Fahrial of the Division of Gastroenterology Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, said that the severity of hemorrhoids is divided into four stages, as follows.

Stage 1: Start, enlarged veins in the anus. Size is still small so that usually do not cause any symptoms. Can only be detected when examined with the endoscope. But sometimes it starts to cause discomfort during bowel movements (BAB).

Stage 2: Enlarged veins have started to be felt, to be out of the anus and spontaneously re-entry, but there is no bleeding. Sometimes an infection resulting in a burning sensation and itching in the anus. The possibility of burning sensation increases when sitting too long and the BAB.

Stage 3: Enlarged veins more often out of the anus, not even able to be passed back spontaneously. So to put a finger help is needed. Can cause a burning sensation when sitting too long or BAB. When contraction occurs, enlarged veins that can rupture and cause bleeding.

Stage 4: Enlarged veins are not able to be passed back, albeit with the help of fingers. Bleeding occurred more frequently because of the enlarged veins, so it may be able to make the sufferer is deprived of blood or a decrease in hemoglobin (HB).

The fourth stage of the hemorrhoids, Ari said, require different care and treatment. But in general, consists of injecting the hemorrhoids treatment, binding, and operations.

Injecting aims to turn off the blood vessels so as not to continue to grow. While the binding in question is binding enlargement of blood vessels coming out of the anus. The goal is that blood can no longer flow and blood vessels will die by itself. While surgery aims to eliminate the blood vessels dilate.

In the early light, complaints of hemorrhoids can be alleviated by a warm bath every day and consume enough fluids and fiber foods to soften the stool so that the occurrence of constipation and straining during defecation can be avoided.