The Importance of Early Childhood Nutrition Fulfillment

Every parent must have longed for her baby grow up healthy and intelligent adult day he. To achieve these targets, and of course the parents need apply right strategy. One of these early nutrition.

As said Dr. dr. Saptawati Bardosono, M.Sc, medical nutritionist from the Nutrition Society of Indonesia as well as the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, growth and development of children is influenced by nutrition not only from birth, but instead from the onset of pregnancy.

Well, here are some of the benefits of the importance of early nutrition, namely:

-Maintain Health

Nutrition is closely related to optimal health and improved quality of life. Even on medication, nutritional support as an effective current funds in the recovery effort. Based on medical and scientific developments in the field of molecular biology, nutrition was able to maintain optimal body function and prevent or help treat disease.

-Enhance the immune

Good nutrition can give the body the necessary nutrients the immune cells to fight germs. So, the body will have a stronger immune system so that when exposed to germs, viruses or other. So the body does not get sick and kept awake health.

-Sources of Energy

Good nutrition with a healthy diet can produce additional power to be used day-to-day activities.

Prevent malnutrition

Conversely, malnutrition, lack of impact of substances the body needs so that children at risk of malnutrition. As a condition of malnutrition due to lack of essential nutrients.

Poor nutrition makes the body weak and susceptible to disease. Subsequent effect, affect growth, physical health, bodily functions, behavior and even mood. Poor nutrition also pose a risk of infection with diarrhea, malaria, measles, and respiratory tract infections in children.

As quoted, poor nutrition or malnutrition to be the cause of death to more than one-third of children around the world. Malnutrition to be the cause of illness and death around the world involving the largest population of children and pregnant women. Malnutrition causes 300,000 deaths worldwide.

In general, a person who suffered malnutrition lost weight in the last three months up to 10 percent. Symptoms that appear in the form of fatigue, anemia, changes in skin, hair and nails. Children with malnutrition also seem less able to concentrate, less AAU height stunted.

To find malnourished or not, the examination body mass index (BMI) or BMI (body mass index). Calculation of the child's weight than using BMI growth charts also requires so-called BMI-percentile charts. In addition, the graphs differ between women and men. Other diagnostic tests including routine blood tests for detection of anemia, chronic infections and others.

To prevent this, needs a strategy or plan a diet with balanced nutrition. It is hoped the things that no untoward happen to our baby.