Like Eating Meat Increase The Risk of Diabetes?

Warning for those who love to eat red meat. A study in Singapore showed high consumption of red meat increases the risk of diabetes.

The research conducted by An Pan, a professor at the National University of Singapore. In his research he followed 149,000 men and women in the United States for 12-16 years. Every four years, the participants were interviewed to determine how much meat is eaten every day.

In general, the participants ate about half a serving of meat to two servings per day. One serving is equivalent to two slices of bacon, a hot dog, hamburger or three ounces.

At the end of the study, found 7,540 cases of diabetes type two of the respondents. In the 41 236 people who do not change their eating habits meat, found 1,758 cases of diabetes.

People who are eating meat increased by about half a serving, the risk is two cases of diabetes in 300 men, compared with those whose portion is fixed, that is only one case in 300 people.

Even so, reducing red meat consumption does not directly affect the first four years. Moreover, according to Pan, the effect is much longer.

"If we do something bad, the impact will be immediately visible, but for a healthy lifestyle, we have to wait a bit longer and changes accumulate," he said.

Although the research does not clearly prove red meat causes diabetes, but other studies had also linked eating red meat with diabetes mellitus.

Responding to the study, William Evans, professor of Duku University, said the fact that matters is the overall diet.

"If a person reduces the consumption of meat but replace it with cheese, of course would be useless," he said.

Therefore, to prevent diabetes, in addition to diet should be noted also other healthy habits, such as eating balanced, active in sports, to arrange adequate rest periods.