5 Quick Steps to Relieve Menstrual Pain

Stomach cramps that often accompany the menstrual cycle not only impede the smooth activity but also due to excruciating pain that continues whack. However, there are several ways that we can do to reduce abdominal pain.

Iris F. Litt, author of the book "Taking Our Pulse: The Health of American Women" say, cramps caused by uterine contractions that occur in a particular layer in order to remove the uterus because of the absence of fertilization.

There are several ways to cope with menstrual cramps. However, to obtain a fast and optimal results, the following methods may be able to help you.

1. compress

Lie down and put warm compresses temperature around the lower abdomen. Use a compress for about 15 minutes to help relieve the pressure and abdominal pain.

2. drug consumption

Medications that contain anti-inflammatory compounds may reduce pain. Pick a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain cramps. The drug works by blocking prostaglandins cause pain. Drugs can be bought freely or by prescription.

3. yoga

Certain yoga poses can make the body relax and flex the muscles around the abdomen. Deep breathing during yoga poses can also help muscles to relax, including the muscles of the uterus.

4. sport

Moderate exercise such as walking and swimming can help increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body so that the muscles relax.

5. Reduce consumption of dairy products

Reduce the consumption of dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and ice cream during menstruation can also reduce cramps and menstrual pain.