Teeth Bleaching Restore Teeth Colors

Stains on teeth can reduce the perfect smile. Whiten teeth-bleaching in the way it became a powerful way to restore the original color and brilliant teeth.

There are many causes of tooth color becomes dull, such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or a history of the use of certain drugs.

To remove stains on teeth, teeth whitening treatment is now available (dental bleaching). Bleaching method, according to Dimas drg.Diego, in contrast to whitening.

"If the whitening is actually an attempt to whiten, instead of changing the color of teeth. While bleaching can change the color of your teeth," said the dentist from interdental Clinic Jakarta.

According to the American Dental Association, tooth bleaching action has been done since the 19th century to whiten discolored teeth. But when the goal was limited to dental care.

Whiten teeth for aesthetic purposes just starting to do since the late 1980s. Besides conducted in dental clinic, at that time also became known that teeth whitening can be done by the consumer at home.

Diego explains, there are two kinds of methods of teeth whitening, at home and in the dental clinic.

"In the clinic, the dentist will use a bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide teeth to pull the original color of the teeth," he said when met at the event organized Pepsodent Sensitive Expert in Jakarta, Wednesday (06.05.13).

Meanwhile at home teeth whitening is basically a continuation of a process that is done in the clinic. "In the nature of maintenance," he said.

Compared to a few years ago, is now available teeth whitening ingredients that can change the color of your teeth to some degree colors. "In the past we did not dare to promise in patients, now with the latest technology tooth color can be increased up to several tone colors," he said.

For safety and optimal results, it is more suggested that bleaching is done in the dental clinic. "If one uses, bleach ingredients can irritate the gums or soft tissue," he said.

Sensitive teeth

Not everyone can perform teeth bleaching. Many teeth they are patched or not there are cracks advised bleaching action. Pregnant women are also not advised to do this treatment.

In the short term, bleaching teeth can also cause side effects such as tooth sensitivity. According to Diego, it is the effect of the bleach used and if there are fine cracks on the teeth.

"So if you want to do do not carelessly bleaching, teeth condition should consult a doctor first," he said.

To prevent sensitive teeth, Diego recommends using special toothpaste sensitive teeth. "This kind of toothpaste can restore the function of the dentin layer of the teeth so it is not too sore," he said.

A few days after bleaching action is also advised not to consume foods and beverages that color, as well as acidic. "But avoid first coffee, red wine, or food that is too acidic," he said.