Fatal Wrong Understanding About Diabetes

Although diabetes mellitus is not a foreign disease with increases in the case from time to time, but knowing and understanding in most patients seems still lacking. In fact, an understanding of the disease determines forward with all its consequences. Moreover, as is known, diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Attitudes, behaviors, how do you respond to this disease will determine whether it can live with him or will become victims.

As well as the above patient, many other patients with diabetes assume just because drinking sugar water. If you do not eat sugar, she might not have diabetes. And if high blood sugar levels, normal again automatically. Diabetes will also necessarily good itself. So, want to eat and drink anything, rice, cakes, bread, cassava, crackers, potato, beverage cans. Especially if you eat free when there is an invitation, invited friends, whatever goes into his stomach problems are also considered

Heredity is also often used as a culprit of her diabetes. So, if there are parents who suffer from diabetes, then it is also affected by the same disease, it is legitimate. Whatever is done, there will be much useful to prevent or treat it. If no parents, relatives, siblings with diabetes, the patient may not think they also suffer.

Most patients also thought that when the blood sugar is considered normal, the patient is often considered disease is cured. Therefore, do not need to diet, exercise, taking medication or control. When patients wound, and the wound can be healed just like that, even if the patient is also considered a high blood sugar, high blood sugar is also not considered a problem. And in fact, the patient does not believe that he was suffering from diabetes mellitus. Thus, the risk of incident diabetes complication like blindness, kidney failure, amputation, neurological disorders is high and occurs earlier.

In fact, until now diabetes is still regarded as a disease that will accompany you throughout your life. So, once you are diagnosed as diabetic mellitus, he's with you forever. In some cases you may not need medication, but diet, maintaining a normal body weight exercise remains the choice of your life.

Some patients who suffered injuries were typical for patients with diabetes, such as the wound is not disputed. Although I have seen, they begin to rot, just because the patient does not feel the pain of his wounds. So, if the wound does not hurt - in case the pain was due to the loss of nerve damage due to diabetes complications edge - for some patients it is not treated as something serious. It is also seen as an important factor, being late diabetics get proper treatment by a physician. Many patients with diabetes who undergo amputation because of this delay.

Circulating in the community is also a kind of understanding, or the term "Dry diabetes" and "wet diabetes". According to them, despite the high blood sugar levels, but there were no injuries, infections in the foot for example, it is also considered to be nothing, and this is called diabetic dry. Such assumptions can be fatal, such as hyperglycemia and chronic complications that became known in the advanced stages.

Many more others are mistaken understanding, one in the community related to diabetes that began skyrocketing in Indonesia. This mistake can be fatal, such as the complications that can threaten their quality of life. Therefore, socialization, education about the disease is very important.