Spicy Food Causing hemorrhoid?

In addition to too frequent straining during bowel movements and too much sitting, spicy foods are also often a 'black sheep' as the cause of hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids. In fact, according to digestive health experts from the Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital Ciptomangunkusumo Indonesia (Faculty of medicine / RSCM) dr. Ari Fahrial, spicy foods do not contribute to increase the risk of hemorrhoids.

Ari explained, Hemorrhoids occur when veins in the anus inflamed or inflammation caused by pressure. Pressure on the blood vessels caused by the activities of straining during bowel movements.

"The reason people straining for defecation impose harsh. Defecation can be hard due to less consumption of fiber, not because the food is spicy," said Staff Division of Gastroenterology Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine / RSCM this.

Hemorrhoids are also known as hemorrhoids is a disease or disorder of the rectum. Disruption of enlargement of blood vessels in the anus, sometimes accompanied by bleeding.

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids are itching, heat, and pain in the anus. Hemorrhoids are also sometimes cause blood after a bowel movement.

Spicy foods, said Ari, may be mistaken for hemorrhoids cause heartburn because it's left on the anus after defecation. Though perceived heat comes from different sources.

On hemorrhoids, burning sensation after defecation caused by the emphasis on the vein that has begun to grow. While spicy foods just because it gives the sensation of spicy compounds are attached to the network.

"However, it could be added to the sense of hot spicy foods for those who are already experiencing hemorrhoids," said Ari.

To prevent hemorrhoids, we can avoid constipation by eating plenty of fiber and drink water, move more, avoid too much sitting, and prolonged sitting or squatting on the toilet.