Running Burn More Fat

There are many reasons why the track is now very popular; among others because it is cheap and can be done anywhere, increase energy, effective weight loss, until for some reason the bandwagon.

Running is beneficial for heart health, boost mood, and of course burn more fat.

While some studies show that walking has benefits similar to running, but in terms of weight loss is more effective run.

When running, the body's energy is used 2.5 times more than walking. This is true both when we ran out of the room or on the treadmill. For people with weight 72.5 kg, ran for an hour can burn 800 calories, while walking with the same duration only burn 300 calories.

Interestingly, other research shows even runners or walkers expend the same amount of energy (this means pedestrians walk farther and more time) still runners down a lot more weight.

The difference occurs because the runners in the study at the beginning it was more slender-bodied. But actually ran also affect hormones that regulate hunger. In other words, if a routine run, the appetite we also become more controlled.

Behind the slimming benefits gained from running, walking turns generally more healthy. Research based on data from the National Runners 'Health Study and the National Walkers' Health Study found that people who regularly walk healthier. Indicator is the level of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and cardiovascular health.

Although it seems the right track to lose weight quickly, but keep in mind that running is not a sport for everyone. People who are overweight are not advised to run.

Risk of injury when running is also high, therefore you should always listen to body cues if you feel no longer able to run. Lastly, do not forget to warm up and cool down.