First Aid For bleeding

There are 2 types of hemorrhage, which is bleeding from the veins and bleeding from the arteries. Bleeding in the veins rather dark color and flow spontaneously. While bleeding from arteries colors are brighter and the flow emanating from the body of the wounded.

Arteries can cause bleeding in a critical condition, because of blood being pumped out at a rate exceeding the average. As a result, the victim will be a lot of blood loss.

By Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, First Aid and How to Correct Handling of Emergency', pressing directly on the injured area is one of the actions that can be done to stop the bleeding, although causing pain in that section.

Way of emphasis can be given is as follows:

1. Put a clean cloth or sterile thick like a handkerchief, towel or sheet of fabric pieces directly on the injured area. Then press gently with the palm of your hand. If no fabric, use a hand or finger to press.

2. Continue pressing with constant pressure.

3. Do not remove the cloth that is used to suppress the wound.

4. If the blood has fulfilled the fabric, not removable, but add a new cloth and put on it. Then continue again hold it with your hand.

5. If the bleeding stops or is reduced, use bandages to cover cloth tied around the wound.

6. Bandage rope not too tight to avoid arterial blood flow stops.

7. Keep the wound on the top position in the heart organ.