Normalised Apoptosis, New Way to Overcome Cancer

Cancer still be frightening because the disease has a very high risk of death. Although cancer can be treated, which is known for cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiology is potentially not only kill cancer cells, but also normal cells.

As if to answer these problems, a new study of the origin of the Australian Academy of Science to develop new treatment methods based molecular cancer. The study, published in the journal Nature reveals, the key is to treat cancer cells to know the concept of cell death.

Study Chairman and President of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Suzanne Cory, said, death is a natural thing that experienced by cells. If the cells do not experience death, and continues to grow, it will only lead to cancer.

"Death and life of cells is regulated by genes. Trying to understand the way up to the formation of cancer genes can improve the effectiveness of treatment," said Cory after the Australia Indonesia Science Seminar Series titled "Harnessing Death for Life", on Tuesday (11/06/2013) in Jakarta.

Cory said, cancer is due to the genes that cause the disorder properties of natural cell death (apoptosis). Because of an impaired apoptosis, there are cells growing out of control. Cells is called cancer.

"So the treatment that is being developed to target the gene that makes the apoptosis disorders," added the professor of medical biology.

The principle of treatment, continued Cory, the synthetic molecule inserts into the body which can restore the properties owned cell apoptosis. Because of the specific nature of the cell that was down, then the molecule will not affect other cells that are normal.

The study started in 1998 showed promising results in mice. In fact, subsequent trials were conducted on three leukemia patients showed satisfactory results.

"This treatment is very promising as a new class of drugs can be effective for many types of cancer," said Cory.