Healthy and Slim with "Food Combining"

Perhaps we often see people who have to eat less but not weight down too. Or people who have eaten a lot of weight but not too up. Actually, what makes them difficult to reach your ideal weight?

Difficulty achieving an ideal body weight could be due to disturbances in the body's metabolism. The metabolic disorder caused by a diet that does not conform to the natural working digestive system.

Is "Food Combining", a diet that has been adapted to the natural workings of human digestive system. In contrast to a diet that requires digestive system to adjust the rules, it offers a food combining diet is in conformity with the natural working digestive system.

According to one of the perpetrators of food combining and author of "Myths and Facts Health" Erikar Lebang, by doing food combining, adjusting the diet does not have to be tormented with hunger due to limit eating. Because food combining "liberate" the culprit for eating until full and not eating a little limiting.

Erikar explained, the basic principles of food combining is the blood that makes the body was in acidity (pH) neutral ie 7.35 to 7.45. Neutral acidity of the body is an indicator of the body's systems, including healthy digestion.

Diasup food by shifting the body is a major cause body acidity. When food consumed incorrect, the pH of the body tends to decline so acidic.

"If the pH of our body tend to be acidic, the body is like the room was dirty and messy, so any system prevailing in it does not function properly," said Erikar in Health Seminar, Tuesday (04/06/2013) in Jakarta.

When the pH of the body tend to be acidic, added Erikar, which must be done is to return to a neutral position, your body will be healthy by itself. How to form a neutral pH is by deepening food combining on three sides, the sort of food, choose matching food, and eating food pda right time.

Food sorting is done by knowing the content of each type of food eaten. This is related to the nutrients contained in the food, which is a staple food (carbohydrates), meat (protein and fat), and vegetables (fiber, vitamins, and minerals).

After knowing the types of food, we need to know the equivalent ideal match based on the ability of the body to digest. Principles of food combining is not combining carbohydrates with protein. So it should only be matching food combining staple foods with vegetables, or meat with vegetables.

Erikar said, the ability of the body to digest ideal depending on digestive enzymes. Matching carbs with protein digestive enzyme will complicate and ultimately difficult to digest optimally. Instead vegetables will facilitate absorption if consumed both at different times.

Ate the most appropriate time according to the concept of food combining is starting at 12:00 until 20:00. If the passing of the body at 20.00 already entered the absorption time, so put more food will interfere with the absorption process.

While breakfast is recommended for perpetrators of food combining is the fruit, especially the fibrous, juicy, perfectly ripe and sweet as.

According Erikar, food combining is an easy and fun way to get health and ideal body weight. Nina Tamam husband's artist is acknowledged since two years ago doing food combining, he has never been sick and visit the doctor.

"However, before doing food combining, I frequent migraines, flu, stomach pain and even I do not heal," he said.