The Risk Behind Eyelash Extension

Wide-open eyes with lashes flicks did make more expressive appearance. I wonder if the trend of false eyelashes or even connect (extension) lashes into trends are much in demand.

Eyelash extensions are considered more practical because it does not have to bother to take off and put on fake eyelashes. Usually done in salons using strands of synthetic lashes or mink are woven one by one into the original eyelashes.

Process that takes about two hours this will make the lashes can last dialed for three weeks before making eyelashes grow eyelash extensions should be removed or replaced.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recommends that fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions at a salon can cause infection of the cornea and eyelids. Another risk is contact dermatitis due to allergic reactions from the glue used to connect eyelashes.

"More and more patients with eye disorders due to extensions, some of them to damage the eyesight," said Rebecca Taylor, an ophthalmologist and spokesman for the AAO.

Other hazards that may arise is the collapse of the original eyelashes. This happens if the splicing process eyelash follicles or damaging the connections so that the lashes are too heavy to be broken.

"Eyelashes have important functions, such as protecting the eyes from dust and sharpen vision. If the damage is only temporary no problem, nothing to worry about if the damage is permanent," said Taylor.

To avoid this risk, he recommends that you choose a clean salon and experienced doing eyelash extensions.

But avoid the glue that contains formaldehyde because it can trigger an allergic reaction causing itching, burning, and swelling of the eye.

If the eyelashes are spliced, watch for signs of allergies, such as pain, itching, or redness. If these symptoms to avoid scratching because could make it worse. Immediately see the eye doctor to get the necessary treatment.

To disconnect eyelashes, should be done by professionals.