Detection of Heart Disease Risk Through Abdominal Circumference

Gathering of fat in the abdomen can be a risk factor for heart disease that must be wary of. Fat in the abdomen so that you shaped like an apple, have a higher risk than those with fat concentrated on the hips and thighs, pear tub.

According Dr.Grace Judio-Kahl, nutrition expert, is a form of stomach distended belly is rounded. "So it's not just a pile of fat in the waist," he said in a seminar titled What Women Need to Know about Heart Health in RS.Bunda Jakarta, Wednesday (06.26.13).

People who have fatty deposits in the abdomen tend to have impaired blood flow to all parts of the body which is a measure of cardiac performance. "The greater the person's waist circumference, the risk of heart disease increase," he said.

Abdominal circumference in men to watch is larger than 90 cm, whereas in women if greater than 80 cm. According to Grace, the measure applies to all height.

He explained that the parameter indicates the fat content in (visceral) on someone. "Fat is a little different from the others because visceral fat can breed and issued approximately 200 different proteins. These proteins can increase the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels and inhibit the flow of blood," said a doctor from the weight-loss clinic Shape-Up of Indonesia.

Excess fat should not be ignored. "Immediately reduce the intake of high-fat and frequent physical exercise. Combined both effectively shrink belly circumference," said Grace.

Exercise done regularly will reduce the amount of fat stores in the body. In addition we also need to know the number of calories contained in each food. The food was not filling can be high in calories.

Grace exemplifies a fried donut contains 300 calories equivalent to 6 chicken breast boiled or steamed. The number of calories is also equivalent to a small bowl of rice, vegetables, and side dishes 2 small pieces of chicken breast.

Of three types of food choice of rice, vegetables, and side dishes more filling and do not contain excessive calories than if you eat a sugary donut.